7 Things You Didn't Know About Pretty Woman (That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine)

7 Things You Didn't Know About Pretty Woman (That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine)

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The world has a love-hate relationship with Pretty Woman. On the one hand, it's a glossy rom-com that makes everyone feel good about poverty, prostitution and being fair-skinned. On the other hand, we also know that it's a movie chock full of problematic messages and stereotypes. Despite its issues (or maybe because of them), Pretty Woman continues to be viewed as a modern fairy tale with an edge - one so memorable that even people who have never seen the movie can recite almost every line of its famous script. But there's much more to this infamous film than what meets the eye. Here are some secrets behind Pretty Woman that will send shivers down your spine:

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts hated each other during filming.

Richard Gere and Julia Roberts were reportedly so jealous of each other that they could barely stand to be in the same room together. On top of that, Gere was reputedly as narcissistic and dickish as can be. He reportedly told Roberts that she was “rubbish” on set, and he was also known to constantly criticize director Garry Marshall. Gere was also a diva who demanded to be driven around Los Angeles in a limo, and he reportedly bragged to co-stars and crew members about his private jet. When asked to comment on the rumors that they hated each other, Roberts responded: “Oh, we don't hate each other. That's just the press trying to stir up something.” If anyone had any doubts about how much Gere and Roberts disliked one another, the pair had a feud so vitriolic that it continues to this day. The feud is so intense that Gere and Roberts have publicly said that they refuse to attend any Pretty Woman events or reunions because they refuse to appear on the same stage as each other.

There was actually a happy ending that wasn't included in the movie.

The original ending of Pretty Woman had Vivian and Edward living happily ever after, with the two of them earning millions of dollars from their app. Unfortunately, the studio didn't like the happy ending, so it was scrapped and the app was never mentioned again. Instead, the movie ends with Vivian and Edward becoming close friends. Edward even tells Vivian that he loves her, but Vivian doesn't respond because she knows that Edward only loves her as a friend. While this ending is still a bit disappointing, it's still a whole lot better than the one in the final film.

It's still one of the most racially-misogynistic movies ever made.

You can tell a lot about a movie by the character that the director chooses to focus on. In Pretty Woman, director Garry Marshall chose to focus on a pimp named Marty who is obsessed with gold and has a penchant for urinating on things. If a movie decides that the most important character is a man who pees on things, it's probably not a film that we should be praising. While the movie may have been charming in 1990, it's less charming when you realize that it's still incredibly racially-misogynistic, even by 1990s standards. The movie uses white women as a stand-in for Asian women, and Asian men are portrayed as disgusting, weird predators - something that was highly offensive back then and is even more offensive today.

Vivian's famous blue dress doesn't even look blue in the movie.

Pretty Woman is famous for its blue-colored dress, but the dress isn't actually blue. In fact, the dress is blue-green. However, director Garry Marshall decided to make the dress blue because he wanted it to “pop” more on screen. The color change isn't the only thing that changed, either. The famous blue dress was actually made of silk and was much smaller than the other dresses Vivian wears in the film. As for the dress's whereabouts, no one really knows. The original dress is supposedly in a museum somewhere, but the dress that is currently being displayed as the “real” blue dress isn't actually the same one from the movie. The blue dress that is currently on display is just a replica of what the real dress may have looked like.

The area where Vivian waits for clients is actually a storage space for urine samples.

If you're wondering why the place where Vivian waits for her clients looks so filthy, well, it's because it's an actual storage space for urine samples. The filmmakers didn't have time to create a new set, so they just decided to use their real location. And if you're wondering why the place looks so grimy, we have an answer for that, too: the set scouts couldn't find a single location that was grimy enough to pass as a place where poor people live. So, the filmmakers just decided to make the place as grimy as possible.

Coincidentally, Vivian is constantly surrounded by men urinating on things.

In Pretty Woman, there are a lot of scenes that feature men urinating on things. In fact, there are so many scenes where men are urinating on things that it's almost impossible to miss. In one scene, Edward urinates on his shoes. In another, he urinates on a toilet that he was too drunk to use properly. And in a third, he urinates on a painting. It's almost like the filmmakers wanted to make sure that the audience understood that Edward was a disgusting, disgusting man.

Pretty Woman has a dark twist no one knows about. And it ends very, very badly for Vivian.

Most people think that Pretty Woman ends with a happy ending. But it actually ends with a tragic twist no one knows about. In the original script, after Edward buys Vivian her dream boutique, he goes back to his life in New York, and Vivian stays in Los Angeles to run the store. At the very end of the script, Vivian is shown sitting in her car, staring up at the Hollywood sign and regretting her decision to stay in L.A. She wanted to be a part of the glamour and excitement of New York, but she stayed in L.A. because she loved Edward and wanted to be with him. But now that Edward is gone, Vivian is left alone, and she's trapped in a life that she never wanted. The ending of the movie is so tragic that it's as if the filmmakers wanted to apologize for the rest of the film and make sure that everyone understood just how problematic Pretty Woman is.

Summing up: Pretty Woman is not so pretty after all.

We're not saying that you shouldn't watch Pretty Woman. In fact, we'd encourage you to watch it. We just want you to be aware of all the ugly behind-the-scenes facts that no one ever talks about. And when you're done watching the movie, you can knowing that you've seen Hollywood's most problematic film and that you've seen all of its ugliness for what it really is.