Missing Celebrities Whose Disappearances Remain a Mystery

Missing Celebrities Whose Disappearances Remain a Mystery

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Dorothy Arnold

Shortly before Christmas 1910, Dorothy Arnold, the heiress to the perfume empire, disappeared without a trace while shopping for evening gowns in a New York City department store.

Her maddening disappearance has plunged New York City into a sea of speculation, but the extreme secrecy of her family's handling of the case may have surprised onlookers even more. The Arnolds' reluctance to cooperate with police has led to clashes with investigators and a raft of conspiracy theories.

Some speculate that Dorothy Arnold's 40, less prestigious boyfriend killed her after she refused to marry him. Others whispered that she was the victim of a botched abortion. Or her family may have found her and just kept her from hiding out of shame. Her disappearance remains one of the country's great unsolved mysteries.