The List Of Famous Actresses Who Were Apparently 'Too Ugly' For Hollywood

The List Of Famous Actresses Who Were Apparently 'Too Ugly' For Hollywood

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The entertainment industry is one of the most competitive fields in the world and the standards for success are often extremely high. This can be especially true in Hollywood, where looks often play a major factor in who is chosen for a role. However, it’s not always the case. There have been many celebrities who have defied the notion of “Hollywood beauty” and have made it big in the industry despite being told they were too “ugly” for the silver screen.

These celebs have gone on to become some of the biggest stars in the world. They have shown that beauty is more than skin deep and that talent and determination can take you just as far as good looks. Here is a list of some of the celebs who were apparently “too ugly” for Hollywood, but still made it big.

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep is a multi-award winning actress who has defied stereotypes by succeeding in the competitive Hollywood industry despite being labelled as ‘too ugly’. Despite this, Streep has gone on to become the most nominated actor in the history of the Academy Awards, with 21 nominations in total and 3 wins. She has also received two Emmy Awards, two Grammy Awards, a Cecil B DeMille award, and a Humanitarian award.

Streep's success proves that labels and opinions should not define someone and that it is possible to accomplish anything with enough hard work and dedication, no matter what obstacles may be in the way.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Parker is best known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in SATC. She is one of the famous actresses branded as ugly because she doesn't conform to the typical Hollywood look. Despite the negative comments about her appearance, Sarah Jessica Parker has not let that stop her from pursuing her dream.

She has gone on to enjoy an illustrious career in both television and film. She has won four Golden Globe Awards, one Emmy Award and three Screen Actors Guild Awards, as well as receiving numerous other nominations and awards. It is undoubtedly that she has something far better than beauty – talent and intelligence.

Lea Michele

Lea Michele is another actor who has defied stereotypes and labels by succeeding in Hollywood despite being labelled as ‘too ugly’. She was bashed for her "large nose” and told to need a nose job as soon as possible. Actually, she has never been conventionally pretty.

As a talented actress, singer, and author who has enjoyed success in her respective fields, Lea gained widespread recognition for her role as Rachel Berry in the musical television series "Glee," which earned her multiple award nominations and accolades. She has also released several successful music albums and authored a New York Times best-selling book.

Chrissy Teigen

Teigen is best known for her roles in Sports Illustrated, Lip Sync Battle, and for being a judge on America's Next Top Model. She revealed to DuJour that she had been removed from a photo shoot due to her weight. Forever 21 had initially hired her, but upon seeing her in person, they decided that she was too heavy and sent her picture with a message to her agency.

Despite the incident, she went on to have a successful career, marrying Grammy-winner John Legend and starting a family. To this day, she still holds a grudge against the clothing store, telling DuJour "I hate you, Forever 21... Honestly, you're the worst." She has gone on to have a successful career in television, film and modeling, and has won multiple awards for her work.

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon's road to Hollywood fame was not an easy one. Despite being talented and determined, she was initially rejected by many casting directors who deemed her too ‘ugly’ for the industry. It wasn't until she was cast in the movie Cruel Intentions that the public at large became aware of her talent and beauty, and she quickly became a household name. Witherspoon has since gone on to act in a variety of roles and become an Oscar-winning actress, proving that beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder.

Kat Dennings

Kat Dennings faced her own struggles in the entertainment industry, despite her talent and comedic prowess. Dennings was told she was overweight, a criticism about her physique that she faced numerous times throughout her career. According to Dennings, several casting agents have asked her to tighten up her teeth, dye her hair, lose weight, and do tanning sessions.

This did not stop her from pursuing her dreams, however, and she eventually achieved success in roles such as the popular sitcom Two Broke Girls. Her determination and resilience have shown that beauty is not only subjective, but that real talent can achieve success no matter what.