Celebrity Kids We Didn’t Realize Were Adults Today

Celebrity Kids We Didn’t Realize Were Adults Today

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Though celebrities strongly protest against thrusting their children into the public eye, and ensure they are not photographed by paparazzi from the moment of their birth, some of these celebrity kids are already finding fames on their careers at early age.

We used to think they are little toddlers who were born yesterday. Well, time flies and these famous celeb’s kids are now all growing up. Actually, they have grown so much that you can barely recognize them.

Here we’ve grounded up the list of those Hollywood offspring who all become young adults now. Scroll through the gallery below to checkout the famous kids who are growing up and ready to take over the world. Don’t feel like you are old today when you see the list below, since the world has witnessed them growing up.

Lily Collins

Before starring “Emily in Paris”, Lily Collins has already made a name for herself with her stunning smile and gorgeous appearance in the entertainment industry. The young star is the daughter of musician Phill Collins and his second wife, Jill Tavelman. It is reported that Lily Collins followed her mother’s footsteps and began acting when she was a toddler. You can’t deny that the little girl’s well grown up now. As a writer, model, as well as a talented and award-winning actress, Lily Collin is literally taking over the world.