8 Things You’re Doing Right Now May Ruin Your Skin

8 Things You’re Doing Right Now May Ruin Your Skin

Lydia -

For every women, skin is the top beauty priority we are taking care of. To keep a glowing, wrinkle-free and radiating skin, most of us investing thousands and hours in skincare products, masks, and even surgery on our face. However, the scary truth is: some habits we are doing everyday are ruining our skin and all the efforts we’ve been doing. What’s scarier is that many of us are not mindful of this. Here are 8 common habits that makes you look older than you are, act now and quit them ASAP.

1. Can’t deal with stress properly

The job insecurity, marital breakdown, construction noise, stress is inevitable in our modern life which not only making us irritable, but also causing huge damage facially. According to the latest research, living under constant stress will mess up the release of hormones, resulting in wrinkles, acne, wrinkles, fine lines, puffiness, uneven and sagging skin. Take a meditation to calm down, or chat with your best friends, find the best way for you to better deal with stress, and thus, improve your skin.

2. Skimp on sunscreen - or even skip it

Sunscreen is the best protective barrier against skin damage. And you surely have heard about that. However you leave it all behind especially when it’s not that sunny, which is totally wrong. Not just beach days - The sun ray can damage your skin even when it’s cold or cloudy outside as it can penetrate clouds. Do yourself a favor, never skimp or skip on applying sunscreen. Look for sunscreens that offer a broad “ultraviolet spectrum” with at least SPF30. Reapply it every 3 hours if you’re exposed to the sun all day long.

3. Eat lots of sugar

Though taste delicious, sugar can be the culprit behind your fast-aging skin. When you eat up too much sugary foods or drinks, your bloodstream will be attached with harmful radicals that damage the proteins contained in your skin, which mainly contributes to keep skin firm and plump. The results can be seen on your complexion in the form of wrinkles, fine lines, freckle and sagging face. If you are indulging in high sugary food such as donut, ice cream, chocolate cake or etc, especially after dinner, quit them ASAP.

4. Exfoliating very often

Though exfoliation is the crucial step to keep aging skin looks glowing, radiating and youthful, over exfoliation could be the biggest mistake you’ve been doing that damage your skin. But what is over exfoliate? According to dermatologist, it is recommended exfoliate your skin only one or two times per week generally, instead of everyday. And a proper exfoliation should be right for your skin type and skin condition. Once you found your skin becomes irritated, painful cracking and redness, it could be the signs of over exfoliation.

5. Spending too much time under extreme temperatures

We’ve all been there before, we all just want to switch on the AC or heater to the coolest or warmest temperature as soon as we reach home after a long tiring day outside. Be it a sunny, scorching hot day or an extremely cold day, extreme temperature affects our skin’s humidity levels in a really bad way. Too hot and too cold temperatures and low humidity levels result in dry air that draws moisture away from the skin. Never spending too much time under extreme temperature, if you have to – stay hydrated.

6. Forget to clean your makeup brushes

As a must-have beauty items, every women owns two or more of makeup brushes in their makeup bag. From brushing foundation, eye shadow to blush, makeup brushes act indispensably in a good beauty routine. However, the startling reality is, those brushes you use on your face could be very dirty, literally. They are actually dirtier than you could imagine, crawling with germs, dirts and fungus which couldn’t be seen by your naked eyes. If you don’t wash them enough, you are spreading all that bacteria around your face, every time you use, which causing blocked pores, acne, inflammation, etc… It is recommended clean your makeup brushes after every single use, if you makeup quite often, that means every single day.

7. Never disinfect your phone surface

How many hours you spending on your phone a day? It’s nothing surprised to use this device throughout the day as it gets us connected with the world around us – chatting with friends, share and post daily lives, and business communication. But you might be astound to know that your mobile phone surface could be seven times dirtier than a toilet seat, and even more. Those bacteria in combination with facial oils, toxins and makeup residue clog the pores, resulting in acne breakouts. It causes much more risk especially for those who speak on the phone for more than 30-60 mins per day. To protect your skin from your phone, disinfect it regularly, and never hold it on your face all the time.

8. Always sleeping on one side

Your sleeping habits could be one of the major causes for your aging skin. When sleeping only on one side, you put tremendous pressure on that side, which could trigger wrinkles and creases because of all the friction and pressure, it turns out over time, become permanent. Sleeping on the back is an ideal position for sleeping! Less pressure was applied on your facial skin, which can lead to fewer fine lines, less flattening of the facial contours and will younger and smoother skin.