Attention Women Over 50: Follow These Ten Stylish Icons for Fashion Inspiration

Attention Women Over 50: Follow These Ten Stylish Icons for Fashion Inspiration

Hope - Mar 08,2024

By the time a woman hits 50, she's got her own fashion groove that makes her feel chic, comfy, and confident. Once we discover a "look" that clicks, we stick to it, snagging certain pieces on repeat that become our trademark — think striped boatneck tops and fierce leopard kicks. But here's the real insider tip for seasoned fashionistas like us: never let it go stale. These 10 stars rock their own unique styles. Check 'em out and let the inspiration flow!

1. Sharon Stone: L.A. Glam

At 66, Stone jazzes up classy blazers and pantsuits with a sporty twist, throwing in track pants and kicks, then dials it up with a dash of Old Hollywood glamour: red lipstick, a chic blonde bob, shades, and a slick leather bag. Every outfit she rocks is full of surprises: think bold blue or red bags, cropped leggings paired with an oversized hoodie, flowing track pants, and a waist-nipping blazer for that killer silhouette. The magic here? It's all about opposites attracting.

2. Sarah Jessica Parker: Colorful eclectic

At 59, Parker electrifies everyday jeans and dresses with a burst of glitter, color, and intricate details. Her cascading locks, a fusion of brunette and blonde, hint at a fondness for the dramatic, yet it's the "storybook" midi dresses, billowy skirts, vibrant Mary Janes adorned with oversized sparkly buckles (she even rocks them with purple socks!), and impeccably tailored plaid overcoats in contrasting hues that narrate her style saga. Even the simplest overalls receive a sprinkle of stardust with scrunched boots and a dainty blouse. What makes this style truly sing? It's a bold attitude and a dash of creativity when dressing up.

3. Tracee Ellis Ross: Tailored terrific

Ross starts her style journey with a fabulous mane of textured hair, styled in various ways from knots to buns to twists or cornrows. Then, she dives into her wardrobe, effortlessly blending oversized structured jackets and pantsuits with sneakers, graphic tees, and cozy hoodies, while elevating shorts with sleek heels. At 51, Ross adds her own flair to commanding pinstripe jackets and coatdresses by cinching a belt or rolling up the sleeves, and she effortlessly transforms high-fashion tailored jumpsuits and funnel neck vests into everyday essentials. The secret sauce? Turning serious pieces into casual staples and vice versa.

4. Jennifer Aniston: Minimalist black

Aniston remains loyal to a sleek black palette as the foundation of her chic, contemporary wardrobe, sprinkling in occasional dalliances with white. Her signature all-neutral ensemble is meticulously curated to stay ahead of the curve, with each piece meticulously selected for its cut and details, particularly focusing on necklines, to accentuate her impeccably toned physique. There's no room for baggy, oversized garments in her closet; however, when Aniston, at 55, opts for a full midi skirt or wide-leg trousers, she ensures they're paired with a form-fitting top to maintain definition. The key to this style's success lies in sticking to a cohesive color scheme, making mixing and matching old and new pieces a breeze.

5. Julianne Moore: Boho elegant

At 63, Moore infuses her style with a touch of comfort, favoring long skirts, midi dresses, and wide-leg pants for a chic yet relaxed vibe. She effortlessly pairs slouchy sweaters with pleated skirts, pleated dresses with casual leather boots, and even throws on a roomy cocoon-shaped raincoat over leggings. Her accessories mirror this laid-back approach, opting for sneakers, hybrid sneaker booties, or comfortable wedges, along with hands-free crossbody bags or backpacks. What truly elevates her look is her selection of soft, intricately detailed pieces that flow and drape beautifully.

6. Cindy Crawford: Polished pants

Crawford rocks jeans and pants as her signature style, but she takes it up a notch by pairing them with blouses and button-downs instead of tees, giving a twist to casual chic. Adding a leather biker jacket or velvet blazer adds a touch of rock-and-roll, while ankle boots or strappy heeled sandals keep the look effortlessly cool. Notice how Crawford, at 58, opts for mid-rise jeans and pants and adds a belt or sash at the hip for a shapely silhouette. This look's secret? Timeless pieces in updated fits and fabrics, perfect for anywhere from Paris to Des Moines.

7. Brooke Shields: Sheath dress success

Shields adores simple sheath dresses, making them her unmistakable signature. This classic style effortlessly gets her out the door in seconds, needing nothing more than a switch of shoes to transition seamlessly from day to night. What sets this dress style (or any other dress style, for that matter) apart as your signature look is focusing on the necklines, sleeves, and hemlines that flatter your figure, along with colors that garner compliments. At 58, Shields typically opts for sleeveless designs with high or V necklines in white, black, or jewel-tone hues.

8. Christie Brinkley: Subtly sexy

At 70, Brinkley doesn't just wear her clothes; she styles them to perfection, akin to fashion editors. While her clothing choices may seem diverse at first glance, a closer look reveals how they flatter her figure. She opts for slim full-length pants or flares, along with short dresses and even short-shorts to showcase her enviable legs. Sweaters, shirts, and tailored jackets all feature a V neckline, elongating her neck, flattering her bust, and offering a subtle hint of cleavage—after all, she's Christie Brinkley! The key to her style's success lies in selecting clothes that enhance her body rather than trying to force her body into anything and everything.

9. Meg Ryan: Downtown edgy

At 62, Ryan gravitates towards minimalist separates with a utilitarian edge. Embracing a low-key yet high-fashion aesthetic, she favors indie labels and unstructured pieces like pants, jackets, and skirts, complemented by Birkenstocks, sneakers, combat boots, messenger bags, and captain's caps. Everything from Ryan's signature layered locks, now sporting a wavy texture, to her cropped pants and dark floral midi dress exudes a loose, relaxed vibe. The secret to her style's success lies in selecting sleek, understated pieces in muted shades of black and charcoal that effortlessly harmonize and never appear overdone or overly trendy.

10. Kris Jenner: Suits simplified

Jenner, at 68, opts for a sharp structured jacket and pants combo, serving as her go-to ensemble for work and networking. This Instagram-worthy uniform is timeless, allowing plenty of room to incorporate leather, prints, and belts for added flair. Jenner keeps things fresh by switching up her jackets, alternating between single- and double-breasted styles, from trendy to trench-coat inspired. What sets this style apart is her willingness to integrate new pieces as fashion trends evolve. Recently, Jenner even experimented with an asymmetric skirt paired with a belted military-style jacket, tights, and knee boots—proving that style is an ever-evolving equation, not a one-size-fits-all formula.