One more color representing summer, "lime" to bring coolness to this summer

One more color representing summer, "lime" to bring coolness to this summer

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The summer fresh and high gloss lime color scheme has already started to be popular in the fashion world. In addition to environmental awareness, the vibrant and vibrant color scheme symbolizes hope and vitality.

Kendall wore oversize lime boyfriend shirt on the street, the eye-catching green and casual fashion sense is the brightest presence on the street.

And Bella chose to rely on the lime color chain bag to bring a sense of coolness, in the summer in a crowd of colorful, instantly stand out, visual direct cooling.

The PaulSmith Spring/Summer 2022 menswear collection draws inspiration from nature and is meant to explore the connection between man and nature with a positive and optimistic attitude. The lime green color is the perfect showcase, becoming a quiet and shining summer landscape.

Jacquemus 2021 fall/winter collection lime ground, echoing the inspiration of the outdoors, simple and bold tailoring and vibrant color scheme, put people in the wilderness with beautiful scenery in minutes.

Lime is not only limited to summer coolness, Valentino 2021 early fall collection also includes lime design, wool knot and bead embroidery and tassel with bright colors to break the dull feeling of autumn and winter.

The Raf Simons Fall/Winter 2021 collection is impressive with its bold color palette. Those who are afraid to wear large areas of high brightness colors can also choose accessories to brighten themselves up and jump out of the subdued black to form an obvious sense of fashion contrast.

The trend circle recently the hottest single product AMBUSH x Nike Dunk High new color lime green color after the exposure received attention expectation, after the sale more instantly sold out, who does not want everyone to meet when the first glance to see your feet that unique bright color.

Different green different mood, which one do you like in this?