6 Things Our Body Tells Us When We Experience Deja vu

6 Things Our Body Tells Us When We Experience Deja vu

Irena -

Suppose you are going skiing for the first time, but suddenly, when you step into the snow, it looks like you have done it before. Well, you just tried deja vu. Although this may seem rare, 60-80% of people have seen deja vu before. But for some people, this means that there is an underlying condition in your body that sends you a warning signal.

1.This means you are still young.

A child’s first deja vu experience usually occurs with those under 10 years old (only a few people under 6 years old have deja vu). However, the most common period for it is 15-25 years old. Then, as we get older, the events begin to decrease.

2.This means your brain is working.

As we grow older, there are fewer and fewer deja vu experiments. This confuses some scholars, because it may not mean that you have memory problems. In fact, this may be a sign of a healthy state of mind, indicating that you can spot incorrect signals.

3.Your memories may be out of sync.

Many experts believe that deja vu has to do with the way you remember it. It may be a reaction to a situation similar to what you experienced in the past, but you don't fully remember it. It may happen when you are a child, or you don't remember for other reasons.

In addition, we will naturally notice many details, but we will not remember them. Because of the small details that you forgot, you may feel that you have seen a situation before.

4.It may happen before the seizure.

Before a seizure, there are different types of physical and psychological signs that can remind you, one of which is deja vu. Therefore, if you have a history of epilepsy, if things around you seem familiar, but you have not encountered this before, you may need to be vigilant.

However, even if you have no neurological problems, the same thing can happen. In fact, deja vu happens in the same part of the brain. However, people think that this can only be a delayed transition between ears, eyes and other sense organs.

5.You are too tired or stressed.

When you feel tired and stressed, you may have a stranger sense of familiarity than usual. If it persists, then you should try to get more rest and relaxation.

The reason why this happens is probably because when we are under stress, our attention is reduced. For example, if you are distracted by noise when your future partner is about to put the ring in your hand, stop and think about it. As you continue your work, it may sound like deja vu because it looks like you have been in the same position before.

6.You’ve lived a past life.

Although the probability that you will find a neurologist who agrees to this assessment is very low, if you believe in a previous life - you have every right to believe - this "reason" is worth noting.

Some parapsychologists believe that déjà vu is related to things we have experienced or contacted in previous lives. But one thing is certain - as brain imaging technology advances, our understanding of deja vu will also improve.