7 Early Warning Signs of Stroke You Might Ignore

7 Early Warning Signs of Stroke You Might Ignore

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Stroke is a death causing disease that might take your life within minutes. In the United States, stroke is the leading cause of disability – with someone having a stroke every 40 seconds. The ability to recognize the signs of a stroke can mean the difference between life and death. As the faster you know the signs and get treatment, the earlier you seek immediate medical attention, and the better you’ll be. Here are the 7 early signs of stroke you might ignore. Check out this list to learn what they are.

1. Feel a sudden dizziness

If you suddenly feel like the room is spinning, which resulting in trouble walking, it can be the signal of stroke. About 3% of people admitted to the emergency room for vertigo are actually having strokes. Don’t ignore this early stroke warning sign.

2. Severe headache with unknown cause

The sudden onset of a severe headache could actually be a stroke. Demand an MRI scan from your doctor, especially if it doesn’t go away.

3. You can’t see things clearly

Trouble seeing in one or both eyes could indicate a stroke near the vision center of the brain. As a stroke gets worse, it will turn from blurred vision to vision loss. If you experience such an issue, seek out a doctor straight away.

4. Speech difficulty

People having a stroke may slur their speech or have trouble speaking at all. Their speech could be hard to understand. Ask the person to repeat a simple sentence and see if there’s’ any speech slurred or speech abnormality.

5. Arm weakness

One arm is weak or paralyzed, or cannot raise both arms at the same time. Or if both arms are raised, one slouch or sag below the other. If this happened to you, be cautious. Strokes often affect one side of the body, so arm weakness – or leg weakness – can be an important sign to watch for.

6. Stiff Neck And Shoulder

If you have the symptom of a sudden stroke, blood vessel will rupture into your brain all of a sudden, causing a stiff neck and shoulders. When you find that your neck is so numb that you can't even move sideways, be cautious and see a doctor.

7. "Pins and needles" sensation

When having a stroke, some parts of our brain will not get enough oxygenated blood to keep it going, thus any part of your body will feel a tingling and numb sensation. If you feel a constant numbness, consult the doctor.