8 Angry Effects on Your Health

8 Angry Effects on Your Health

Nikita -

Emotion is the most important way for us to express our emotions. So we have different feelings for some things or some people.

Our emotions are constantly changing from day to day, so many of us think that emotions are just emotions. And they don't harm us physically, except affecting our mood. This is a very common misconception. If we are constantly angry and in a negative mood, it can also take a toll on our bodies.

1. Be poisoned

I believe many people have not heard that anger can be poisoned. If their mood is more excited, it is likely to cause respiratory alkalosis. And it may cause convulsions in certain parts of the body.

2. Cause cardiovascular disease

If you're in a very angry state, whether you exercise or not, your body releases a flood of suprarenal hormones, which increase blood pressure and constrict blood vessels. There is a high risk of cardiovascular disease if you often get angry.

3. Cause gastrointestinal diseases

If you are always in an irritable and angry mood, it can make the sympathetic nerve be excited. That will be easy to make the digestive tract mucosal tissue ischemia and hypoxia. This will affect the digestive function, and cause gastrointestinal diseases.

4. Cause lung diseases

The alveoli in our body will change according to our mood. When we are angry, the alveoli will get bigger. If this happens often, the alveoli will get bigger before they get smaller, and pain chest may occur, especially for the elderly with weakened lung capacity.

5. Get worse skin

A lot of girls say that anger will make your skin worse, and it's not without scientific evidence. If you are unhappy and angry every day, it is easy to lead to poor circulation of blood. Eventually, it will lead to stagnation blood stasis in the face, more prone to chloasma and other skin problems.

6. Cause liver disease

Anger is easy to hurts the liver, which is mainly because the human body can secrete a substance called "catecholamine". It not only acts on the central nervous system, but also easily leads to elevated blood sugar, enhanced fatty acid decomposition, and ultimately leads to increased toxins in liver cells.

7. Damage the nervous system

When angry, the brain orders the body to produce a steroid called corticosteroids, which is converted from cholesterol. If a woman's body builds up too much of this substance, it can hinder the proper functioning of immune cells and the body's immunity can be lowered.

8. Cause myocardial ischemia

Angry blood will go to the brain, heart blood will also reduce and cause heart hypoxia. In order to maintain normal operation, the heart has to work double, which leads to the heart beating becoming irregular. It can be life-threatening in severe cases.