9 Celebrity Scandals You Might Have Forgotten! Can You Still Recall Them?

9 Celebrity Scandals You Might Have Forgotten! Can You Still Recall Them?

Hope - Apr 24,2024

The public often remembers celebrities for their glamorous moments, outstanding appearances, influential works, and contributions to society. But why do some celebrity scandals remain relatively unknown? We'll highlight the top 10 celebrity scandals that somehow haven't stuck in the public's memory. Everyone seems to pretend they never happened.

9. Bruno Mars

In September 2010, at the Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Bruno Mars was found with 2.6 grams of cocaine. While this could have led to felony charges, he resolved the situation by completing 200 hours of community service, paying a $2,000 fine, and attending drug counseling. Mars has mentioned that this experience has shaped him for the better and hopes to move on from it. Luckily, the incident seems to be a closed chapter, with few bringing it up in recent times.

8. Ashton Kutcher

In 2011, rumors circulated that Ashton Kutcher had cheated on his then-wife, Demi Moore, with a 22-year-old administrative assistant named Sara Leal - a claim Leal herself confirmed. When Demi announced their separation later that year, it was suggested that Ashton's alleged infidelity played a part. Since their breakup, Kutcher has found happiness with Mila Kunis, whom he married in 2015. Although the topic is seldom brought up, Kutcher hasn't forgotten those rumors. During a 2017 speech at Drake University, while accepting an award for character, he mentioned that the experience had shaped his character for the better.

7. Hugh Grant

Just as Eddie Murphy found out, a scandal involving a prostitute is sure to make headlines. Hugh Grant faced a media storm in the summer of 1995 when he was arrested in Los Angeles for soliciting oral sex from a prostitute. He was charged with lewd conduct and fined $1180. This incident threatened his status as the King of Romantic Comedies. However, an honest appearance on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," where Grant openly addressed his mistake, seemed to help restore his public image.

6. Caitlyn Jenner

Before Caitlyn Jenner publicly revealed her transgender identity, she made headlines in February 2015 due to a car accident. Jenner was involved in a multi-car crash that resulted in the death of 69-year-old Kim Howe after Jenner's SUV collided with the rear of Howe's Lexus. Following an investigation that found no fault on Jenner's part, she faced no criminal charges. The accident faded from the public eye when Jenner came out as transgender in April 2015, subsequently becoming a prominent voice in the LGBTQ community. Jenner is not the sole celebrity to face such tragedy; in 1987, Matthew Broderick was involved in a fatal head-on collision in Northern Ireland that claimed the lives of a mother and her adult daughter.

5. David Letterman

In 2009, a producer from "48 Hours" attempted to extort $2 million from David Letterman, threatening to expose his relationships with staff members. Letterman chose not to pay the ransom, leading to the revelation of the affair. Addressing the issue in October, he publicly apologized to his wife and colleagues for the ordeal. Initially, there were concerns that Letterman might have abused his position to coerce employees into intimate relationships, but those suspicions have largely subsided. Despite the scandal, Letterman continues to be recognized as one of the legendary hosts in late-night comedy.

4. Chris Brown

This rapper has a history filled with controversies. Perhaps the most notorious incident was his 2009 arrest for assaulting his then-girlfriend, Rihanna. While he faced charges and issued a public apology, it wasn't the end of his troubles. He's had altercations with Drake's crew, clashed with Frank Ocean, was involved in a reported 2016 LAPD confrontation after allegedly chasing a woman from his home, and faced a 2019 accusation of aggravated rape in Paris. In most cases, charges were dropped, not pursued, or he was released on bail. Despite these incidents, he continues to produce music and tours, maintaining support from fellow celebrities and seemingly having little effect on his public image.

3. Matthew McConaughey

Back in October 1999, McConaughey made headlines when he was arrested at his Austin, Texas home for possessing marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Allegedly, McConaughey was naked and playing bongos around 3 a.m., leading to a noise complaint and police intervention. During the arrest, he reportedly resisted officers who asked him to put on pants and even pushed one of them. Fortunately for the actor, the incident didn't have lasting repercussions; he spent just one night in jail, and no charges were filed. Given the quirky nature of the arrest, it's somewhat surprising that it didn't cause a bigger stir.

2. Reese Witherspoon

In 2013, Witherspoon found herself in trouble with the law in Atlanta for disorderly conduct. She was reportedly intoxicated and verbally confrontational with a police officer during her husband's DUI stop. Realizing her mistake, Witherspoon took responsibility, pled no contest, and paid over $300 in court costs and fines. The Oscar-winning actress publicly apologized on various talk shows, and soon after, the incident faded from public memory. Witherspoon returned to her roles portraying admirable characters, and it seemed like a blip in an otherwise illustrious career.

1. Rob Lowe

During a stay in Atlanta during the 1988 Democratic National Convention, Rob Lowe reportedly had sex with at least one underage girl and possibly another adult woman. How do we know? A sex tape was leaked. At the time, Rob Lowe was 24 years old and the young girl was only 16 years old. The tape, which also showed Rob Lowe and a friend having sex with a model in Paris, was widely shared. The incident made headlines and many predicted his career was over. While this did slow down his momentum, there is no denying that he has made a comeback. The actor, who went on to star in hit TV series such as "The West Wing" and "Parks and Recreation," wasn't typecast as the "creepy Rob Lowe."