Drink it to become thinner and brighter? Do you believe it?

Drink it to become thinner and brighter? Do you believe it?

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I believe that we all feel the same way recently, because of the continuous hot and hot weather, although to the meal time but little appetite, takeout list of heavy oil and salt food look greasy do not want to eat, but if you do not eat anything, stomach and empty hungry unbearable. The weather directly feeds into the appetite, and the general lack of appetite makes the wind of green fruit and vegetable juice/fruit and vegetable shakes blow up again.

This is not the case, two days ago, # lean tummy green shake # was directly on the top of the microblogging search, hanging on the list for half a day, the discussion is still high, known as a healthy and fat loss summer meal replacement of choice.

According to the blogger, half of his breakfast last year was this "apple + lemon + cucumber + kale + banana + coconut water" green shake, in the long term after drinking down not only on the thin stomach "invincible effective", but also found that the skin also became white, the condition became better. The state became better, said friends adhere to drink also lost a lot, said fruit and vegetable shakes is "eat more also not fat, eat full can also be thin" the magic weapon.

I believe many people's first reaction is, "You can become thin by drinking fruit and vegetable juice alone? It can also whiten? Is it really that good?"

The first thing you need to do is to talk about the effect of the green shake that has been blown out of proportion.

Fruit and vegetable juices/fruit and vegetable shakes are not diet pills, and cannot be used to lose weight and slim down, but their rich dietary fiber, which can help the body effectively promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, increase metabolism, crude fiber can also make people feel full, thus inhibiting the desire to eat.

And, it is worth warning that this feeling of satiety exists for a very short period of time. If you only use fruit and vegetable juice instead of your daily diet to lose weight, not only can you not satiate your stomach, but you can also easily suffer from malnutrition and other health problems due to low energy intake, which is not worth the loss.

Fruit and vegetable juices such as lemon, kale and apple are foods rich in vitamin C. Kale in particular has the highest vitamin C content among leafy greens, and vitamin C can effectively affect melanin synthesis, which is beneficial for whitening.

However, it should be noted that compared to direct consumption, the vitamin C in fruits and vegetables is easily degraded by oxidation during the juicing process due to stirring, and the VC content in fruit and vegetable juices does not reach the level of raw fruits and vegetables themselves. To put it bluntly, the vegetables and fruits used for juicing can be used for raw food to consume more effective VC.

Because fruit and vegetable juices are too low in energy, far from meeting the calories needed for a person's daily activities for a day, using fruit and vegetable juices as meal replacements is not only easy to harm the body with malnutrition, but also ineffective for weight loss. During the weight loss period, once starved, the body's basal metabolic rate will drop, when the metabolism is switched to the lowest gear mode, the consumption of land from fat into muscle, fat loss becomes difficult. Light fasting day should choose low glycemic index food such as oats, brown rice, etc. as a carbohydrate supplement intake, and in cooking with low-fat cooking practices.

1. The healthy way to open fruit and vegetable juices

To maximize the effectiveness of fruit and vegetable juices, when selecting vegetables and fruits, pay attention to the selection of ingredients rich in VC and fiber, such as the more commonly used celery, kale, lemon, cucumber, etc..

When matching, pay attention to the specific gravity, more vegetables and less fruits, in which fruits only play a role in regulating the taste with fructose, so you need to choose those with relatively low sugar content to avoid the effect of excessive sugar intake. In the production, in order to maximize the retention of fruit and vegetables original nutrition, the best freshly squeezed with the drink, to avoid the loss of nutrients due to the long oxidation time. Today also help you find a few female celebrity fruit and vegetable juice recipes, friends who need to refer to the ingredients. Maggie Q fruit and vegetable juice recipes. Celery, carrot, cucumber, ginger, water

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Fruit and Vegetable Juice Recipe. Lemon squeeze, peaches, frozen raspberries, plain coconut milk, 1 teaspoon chia seeds, honey, water

2. Fruit and vegetable juices are good

But to be healthy and thin, a balanced diet is the way to go Fruit and vegetable juice can be used as an occasional cleansing drink to help digestion, but to be healthy and thin without regaining weight, it is necessary to work on a comprehensive diet. According to nutrition experts, the proportion of the daily intake of meals, the intake of carbohydrates is controlled at 40% of the total energy, the remaining 60% is divided equally to protein and fat, which is a more balanced way.

Weight loss friends also do not need to hear carbohydrates like the enemy, to know that carbohydrates, protein and fat to cooperate with each other to help fat metabolism. You can choose some low glycemic index GI foods, such as oats, millet, barley grain and other coarse grains instead of carbohydrates, they can not only avoid strong fluctuations in blood sugar, but also enhance the feeling of satiety and help the body burn fat.

Finally, I would like to remind you that whenever you are told to "eat xxx to lose weight", no matter how healthy and technological it is packaged, it can basically be classified as "hooliganism".

Although such publicity slogan is very attractive, but in fact, this type of weight loss can be basically and unhealthy to draw the same number. The right slimming is a combination of exercise and fitness and focus on diet, metabolizing excess calories with exercise, focusing on observing changes in body fat and circumference, rather than competing with the numbers on the scale. After all, a healthy body is the only trump card against the stresses of life.