The 6 Best Foods for Hair Growth

The 6 Best Foods for Hair Growth

Irena -

A strong, healthy, and beautiful hair will make anyone feel happy and confident. However, although hair naturally grows about 0.5 inches per month, its growth rate depends on a variety of conditions. Some factors that affect hair health include age, stress, styling habits, genetics, hormones, diet, and hygiene. And what kinds of food can make hair healthier and promote its growth?


If you want to repair and grow your hair quickly, consider eating a diet that contains a healthy dose of zinc. You need a good ratio, because excessive intake of zinc can also cause hair loss. Therefore, oysters are a perfect meal because it contains a small amount of healthy nutrients.


A large amount of essential fatty acids are found in avocados. Therefore, for people who suffer from hair loss due to lack of essential fatty acids, avocados can come in handy. In addition, this nutrient is good for keeping the scalp healthy. Damaged scalp can cause loss of hair follicles and poor hair quality.


Spinach is rich in minerals-vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, and folic acid-all of which are necessary to speed up hair growth. Similarly, spinach is a source of omega 3 acid and is known for its important role in keeping hair shiny and healthy. Finally, the presence of sebum in spinach makes it a natural conditioner.


As we all know, salmon contains a lot of omega 6 and omega 3 acid. The role of salmon in the diet is to reduce the rate of hair loss and promote hair growth. It also keeps hair shiny by providing vitamin D3 to the hair.

5.Sweet Potato

Eating a medium-sized sweet potato can provide β-carotene, which the body can convert into vitamin A. You can also get β-carotene from fruits such as pumpkin, mango, carrot and cantaloupe.


Vitamin C contains antioxidant properties that help protect hair follicles from harmful compounds called free radicals. Eating berries will give your body and hair a lot of vitamin C. This nutrient also produces collagen, which helps protect hair from brittleness.