7 Best Foods for Living a Long Productive Life

7 Best Foods for Living a Long Productive Life

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Snack, Noyer, Écrou, Bol De Fruits, Brun, Délicieux Who doesn't like nuts? They can be eaten as snacks or added to salads, desserts and casseroles. By consuming them regularly, your body and mind will feel better. Nuts help reduce "bad" cholesterol and maintain normal metabolic processes.


Kale is a valuable source of nutrients, minerals and vitamins, and has always been among the top healthy vegetables. Kale is light and helps fight cancer. It is beneficial to the lungs and promotes the growth of heart cells.


The vine has been cultivated by human for more than 6000 years. Grapes are rich in important phytochemicals and vitamins and should be included in any modern people's diet. They can reduce the risk of chronic heart disease and prevent clogged arteries. Grapes have a low insulin response rate and are therefore considered safe for diabetics, especially red and black grapes.


Blackberry, Baies, Berry, Mûres, Arrière Plan, Bleuets The antioxidant effect of berries is well known. They strengthen our immunity to diseases. They can also help people age more gracefully, which is enough to include berries in their diet. One serving of wild berries should be enough to prevent cognitive decline associated with advanced age.


Alimentaire, Oignons, L'Ail, Épices, Herbes Don't ignore garlic. Garlic is highly valued by other cultures due to its healthful properties and is one of the main foods in the longevity diet. During cold and flu season, garlic can strengthen our immunity. It helps keep the arteries clean combined with lemon.


Beans and lentils are healthier alternatives than meat. Eating them will not cause harm to the heart, digestion and other systems. They can also make nerves healthier and prevent atherosclerosis. In order to maximize the nutritional value of beans, please let them sprout before eating.

1.Olive oil

Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids and is a better choice than ordinary vegetable oils. It is said to be particularly good for the heart. Just make sure you buy premium extra virgin oil extracted from olives using traditional cold methods.