8 Unique Ways for Losing Weight

8 Unique Ways for Losing Weight

Irena -

When it comes to reducing weight, it is not exercise or diet in most of my mind, and I am used to the common method of reducing weight. Today, the following eight unique ways may help you lose weight easily.

1. Smell mint

A study by Wheeling University in the US found that sniffing mint every two hours can make a person absorb 350 kilo calories less than usual, equivalent to 2 ounces of rice. This is mainly because keeping your nose close to the mint reduces hunger and prevents you from eating too many calories. In addition, relevant studies have proved that the smell of bananas and apples when greediness also has the effect of suppressing appetite.

2. Eat in front of a mirror

Researchers from the University of Rotterdam in the Netherlands found that watching yourself eat can suppress appetite. In experiments, researchers found that participants ate less when a mirror was in front of them. The reason is that when we see ourselves paying more attention to our bodies, then we are less likely to overeat.

3. Choose the color of your plate

Statistics show that red dishes can increase appetite and make you eat more. But these red dishes are more suitable for use during festivals. In addition, blue dishes is easy to reduce appetite, it is said that eating in blue space, compared with yellow and other warm color space, the amount of food will be one-third less.

4. Don’t eat in your pajamas

It’s not that eating in your pajamas will make you fat (even though late-night snacking can be a weight-loss killer for many people), but wearing loose clothing like pajamas can make you eat more. Because loose-fitting clothes give you the illusion that you are slim, which may let you to forget your real body.

While we don't approve of wearing uncomfortably tight clothing while eating, wearing clothes that are slightly more fitting will make you more aware of your body and keep you from gaining too much weight.

5. Decorate your kitchen in blue

Not only blue is the perfect color for your bedroom walls to lighten your mood, painting blue in the kitchen can also help you lose weight. Blue and green tones are appetite suppressants (yellow and red are appetite suppressants), so choosing blue tablecloths and painting your kitchen walls will work wonders for appetite suppressants.

6. Eat chocolate

Contrary to popular belief, chocolate makes the body metabolically more efficient, thus offsetting fat that might otherwise have been stored in various organs. Eating lots of chocolate is one of the best ways to lose weight, the Daily Mail reported. But choose carefully, and avoid sweet tooth poisoning.

7. Chewing gum

Don’t think chewing gum is just for your face. A new study has found that chewing sugar-free gum all day, except when you sleep, could lead to a loss of 5kg in a year, as the "exercise" burns 70kcal an hour.

8. Choose to eat with friends of the opposite sex

If you want to cut down on your food intake when eating out, research suggests eating with a member of the opposite sex could have the effect you want. Researchers from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and the University of Akron found that both men and women consumed fewer calories when eating with friends of the opposite sex than when eating with friends of the same sex.

The researchers believe this could be because we are more aware of our gender when dining with the opposite sex. Women appear more feminine when dining with male friends, while men appear more masculine when dining with female friends.