Fashion Do’s and Don’ts about How You Can Avoid Looking Older than Your Real Age

Fashion Do’s and Don’ts about How You Can Avoid Looking Older than Your Real Age

Nikita -

One thing that we cannot change is the process of natural aging. Time really does change everything. As time passes, we all get visible lines, gained weight and saggy skins. But thankfully, it's not all gloom! The good thing is that you can avoid looking older depending on the way you live up. To be fair, it is not easy to keep up with the trends because they tend to change in no time at all. Though admittedly, some unexpected trends do make a comeback into styles, there's basically zero chance some of them will ever be considered fashionable again. But as we compiled this list of do’s and don’ts, you can avoid looking older than your real age. Though you can’t find the fountain of youth, this is going to have you turning back the clock in no time.

Poofy, Big Hairdo

You won’t go wrong with big hair back in the ‘70s and ‘80s. In those days, the cool back-combing or teasing was all the rage. But today? It’s now mostly been left to history! Not only because it looks much too outdated, but makes your hair dull and frizzy. Keep up with the trends and make some basic treatments that may keep your hair soft and silky to look your best now.

Matchy-Matchy Outfits

Color coordinating are outdated and people aren’t fancying them anymore. People now are started mixing prints and patterns. First off, it is quite boring to wear matchy-matchy clothes as women now have a more selective wardrobe. Besides, it often makes you look older than your real age. On top of that, outfits lack of personality in addition to being colour coordinated. For instance, you can try mixing leopard prints with plaid or combining stripes and circle patterns. You’d be surprised by how good these different combinations make you look so gorgeous.

Heavy Black Eye Makeup

Your eyes are one of the most appealing features on your face. If you want to highlight your peepers, the best choice is using a lighter colour, instead of simply piling on black eyeliner. This is only going to make your eyes appear smaller as a result of the bottom-heaviness of the look rather than the enhancement it provides. Use a medium brown pencil liner, brush over your lower lash line, covering about two-thirds of it. Make the line less distinct and sharp by smudging it with your little finger or cotton swab.


Are you still plucking your eyebrows? We've all been there, armed with tweezers, attempting to get shapely gorgeous brows. This was a trend in the early 2000s that was no longer popular in this day. It is now better to let them grow big because bushy and natural brows are all the rage! Over-plucking could mean you pluck too many hairs, leaving you with thin, lackluster brows.

Drugstore Reading Glasses

It’s unfortunate that aging causes your eyesight to get worse. But that doesn’t mean wearing those ugly reading glasses from the drugstore is the only way to go. There are many other better choice of glass to pick, for instance, you can put on a bigger and bolder frame that will accentuate your features much better than a cheap and dull one can.

Stretchy Jeans

Stretchy jeans are known for being very comfortable. After two decades at the top, stretchy jeans have – if designers, celebrities, and influencers are to be believed – fallen out of fashion completely. These things are actually not flatten the silhouette, but also going to make you look lumpy if you do not have a supermodel body. So the time is right to add a new jean style to your denim collection, or you can buy those that are made of 3% elastic fiber.

Jeans & Running Sneakers

We can’t deny that this combo was so casual, comfortable, and ever considered hip. You might think it looks great, but trust us, it’s not. As a matter of fact, this will make you look lumpy. Even though moms and dads seem to like it, you might want to steer clear of it. Keep in mind that this is not the 1980s, and wearing that outfit will only serve to further age you.

Wearing A Lot Of Jewelry

Remember those rom-com featuring ladies who’s over 50, they are frequently decked with oversize jewelry items that rattle and jangle with every step she makes? Let’s face it: wearing a lot of flashy, chunky jewelry is a thing of the past, as well as can age you. Now simply a bar necklace is enough for adding a delicate touches to your outfits. Keep that in mind: less is better.