Top 8 Most Delicious Fish

Top 8 Most Delicious Fish

Irena -

Everyone has different tastes and different views on fish. The following are top 8 fish that everyone will find delicious, including: puffer, salmon, tuna, cod, saury, eel, flounder, hairtail.


There are many species of puffer fish, which live in fresh water and oceans. However, the puffer fish has psychotoxin, and only 0.5mg can be lethal. Therefore, in ancient China, there was a saying of "Eating puffer fish desperately", which shows that the meat of puffer fish is delicious.

When eating puffer fish, you should choose a big restaurant, where professional chefs will treat the puffer fish to ensure that the toxins are completely removed, so that you can enjoy the delicious food.


Salmon generally lives in the ocean and migrates to freshwater rivers when spawning. Its meat is tight and delicious, elastic, and rich in nutrition.

There are many ways to cook salmon, the most famous of which is probably sashimi, or processing salmon by frying, grilling and smoking.


Tuna is tender and delicious, rich in protein, nutrients, unsaturated fatty acids and a variety of minerals.

Tuna is often used to make sashimi, and many people like to eat cooked tuna, which tastes equally delicious.


Cod is a kind of saltwater fish with a short body, white and tender meat, clear and not greasy, and rich in nutrients. Cod contains a lot of fish oil and is often used to make cod liver oil.


The saury is distributed in the North Pacific and can also be found in Japan, Alaska, and California. The saury is delicious and nutritious.

Saury is usually fried and grilled with charcoal. It has a crispy taste and delicious meat. It is very delicious.


Eel is also very delicious and rich in nutrition, protein and amino acids. There are also many ways to cook eel. Generally, the eel is cut from the back and slowly cooked over charcoal fire. You can also dry the eel first and then cook it by steaming.


The flounder is flat and lives in warm, shallow waters. The flounder has fewer bones, tender meat and delicious taste. It is a common fish, and there are many ways to cook it.


Hairtail is a food that often appears on the table, and it is a fierce carnivorous fish. Hairtail has few thick thorns and is rich in nutrition. It is a very cost-effective delicacy on the table.