Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Memory

Top Ten Ways to Improve Your Memory

Irena -

Improving memory is a concern of many people, but many people go astray and just blindly take some messy medicines. In fact, there are certain skills to improve memory. Let's take a look at the top ten ways to improve memory.

Top10: Some Foods

Foods rich in omega-3 can enhance the memory of the brain, and there are some foods rich in vitamins, such as fish, apples, bananas, mangoes, broccoli, sesame seeds, spinach and more.

Top9: Meditation

Meditation is an ancient method to improve one's mental concentration while remembering, thereby improving memory.

Top8: Sleep

When using your brain for a long time, you might as well take a nap to recharge your brain, ensure brain vitality, and effectively improve memory. During periods of brain fatigue, your own memory is also much worse.

Top7: Visualization

If there are actual samples of the information to be remembered, then by viewing the actual objects, the memory of the information can be improved.

Top6: Repeated reading

When it comes to memorization, repeated reading is the best way to speed up memory, and of course people know it.

Top5: In-depth understanding

If you want to memorize some information, you might as well have a deep understanding of the information that needs to be remembered, so as to improve the effect of memory.

Top4: Rhythm

In fact, rhythm can make many things easier to remember. Therefore, you can try to convert the things that need to be memorized into motto or rhythms.

Top3: Find out some tips

There are many skills in memory, for example, you can improve the memory ability of English words by memorizing the roots of words.

Top2: Write it down

If you want to remember something, the best way is to write repeatedly. Repeated writing can deepen your memory, which is stronger than simple reading.

Top1: Brain Exercise

People who do regular brain exercise will have a much stronger memory than those who don't. Therefore, the most effective way to improve memory is to do regular brain exercise, not to consider quick memory improvement for emergency use.