4 Tips Help You Take Care of Your Pet Bunny?

4 Tips Help You Take Care of Your Pet Bunny?

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Your pet bunny is a lot more sensitive than you think. They get scared just like any other animal. They can get stressed and become anxious or even depressed if they don’t have a safe home to live in or are made to feel threatened by their surroundings. Bunnies need special attention and a specialized diet to stay happy and healthy. Here are some helpful tips on how you can take care of your pet bunny.

Give your bunny a safe place to live and explore

Bunny rabbits are natural burrowers, meaning they like to dig and make tunnels. There are specially designed rabbit houses and tunnels that you can get for your bunny. Rabbits also love to have places to jump and climb. You can add some wooden furniture with shelves, or staircases for them to hop around and jump on. Bunnies love to explore, so make sure that you have a large space for them to run around in. They also need a safe place to hide if they are feeling threatened. Like any other pet, bunny rabbits are great companions. They love to play, cuddle, and explore the world around them.

Don’t forget to bathe your bunny

Bunnies might look adorable with their fur, but they don’t smell like it. If you have a short haired bunny, you can bathe them once a week. If you have a long haired bunny, you can bathe them once every 2 weeks. It is necessary to bathe them to keep their fur clean and healthy. Rabbits produce a lot of dander and they get dirty easily. You should use a special bunny shampoo to clean them up. You can either use a sink or a large tub to bathe them. And be care for, water should be keep warm otherwise your bunny will be get cold. If you have a long haired bunny, you can comb their fur regularly to get out the loose fur.

Provide fresh hay and vitamin C rich foods

Hay is important for your bunny’s diet. It is 80% fibre, which is great for their digestion. Rabbits can’t produce their own vitamin C, so you need to make sure they get enough vitamin C in their diet. You can feed your bunny carrots or other vegetables that are high in vitamin C. You can also feed your bunny vitamin C enriched pellets or hay. Fresh hay is better. If you can’t get fresh hay, you can get dried hay as long as it is not treated with pesticides or other chemicals.

Make sure your bunny gets plenty of exercise

Rabbits are very active creatures, and they need a lot of exercise. You can let your bunny roam around in a large bunny proofed space. Bunny toys like a cardboard box is the best choice for them to play with. You can also go on walks with your bunny. Make sure to walk them on a leash and keep them close to you at all times. Rabbits also love to burrow, so you should get them a soft tunnel and let them burrow in it.


Bunnies make wonderful pets, but they do require a lot of care. They need a safe place to live and explore, fresh hay and vitamin C rich foods, and plenty of exercise. You can also get your bunny a litter box and some fleece blankets for bedding. With a little effort, you will have a happy and healthy bunny in no time.