15 Great Ideas For Patio Sun Cover

15 Great Ideas For Patio Sun Cover

Rachel -

Soaking up some rays can be pretty relaxing and give you a refreshing boost, but not everyone wants to be roasted by the sun. So, to enjoy the great outdoors without getting burnt to a crisp, you gotta come up with some shade ideas.

Luckily, here are 15 great ideas for patio sun cover. All you gotta do is find one that fits your patio style and size. Your future self will thank you when you're lounging in the shade, sipping on a cold drink, instead of melting away under the hot sun.

15. An Extra Large Umbrella

A normal umbrella can provide some basic shade, but have you ever considered going bigger? With an extra large umbrella in a square shape, you'll never have to worry about pesky sunbeams sneaking their way onto your skin. And if the sky turns dark, no worries. You can install a built-in lightbulb to keep the party going. Go on, upgrade to an oversized umbrella, and say goodbye to awkwardly contorting your body to avoid sunburns.