6 Must-See Niche Tourist Destinations in The UK

6 Must-See Niche Tourist Destinations in The UK

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Where is the most beautiful place in Britain? Hiding in a small town or staying in a castle? This article recommends 6 must-see British niche tourist destinations for you. Let us walk into these beautiful places in the UK

1. The small town of Hebden Bridge

The first British niche tourist attraction recommended to everyone is Hebden Bridge. Hidden in the hills between Manchester and Leeds, is little known. When the weather is good, you can come here for one day experience of the treasures of the sea.

The scenery is super beautiful, where there is water, there is aura. In the town center of Hebden Bridge, a canal runs through the town. Walking along the river, you can see the scenery on both sides, there are mills, cruise ships, wild ducks, bars and restaurants...full of fun.

2. Gwrych Castle Gwrych Castle

The second recommended niche tourist attraction is Gwrych Castle, which Google translates as Gwrych Castle. Castle Grich is definitely a beautiful and wild place. It is located on the hillside of the coastal town of Pensarn in North Wales, backed by the forest, facing the sea, and has a broad and beautiful view.

A long time ago, the castle was owned by the Lloyd noble family. Due to the decline of the family and the baptism of war, the castle has been abandoned for many years, leaving only an empty shell.

3. The seaside town of Llandudno

The third British niche tourist attraction to be recommended is also in North Wales, which is Llandudno, the largest seaside resort in Wales. If you start from Liverpool, this small town can be visited with Grich Castle above. Get off at the small town of Pensarn halfway to visit Grich Castle, and then take the train going west to the terminal Llandudno.

The terrain of this town is a peninsula, extending into the Irish Sea. There is a crescent-shaped bay on the seaward side. A plastic runway is built on the inner circle of the bay. When the weather is good, many people play and run by the seaside. The view is wide. The scenery is superb.

4. Castleton, a small town in the Peak District

The fourth recommendation is Castleton, a small town in the Peak District of the United Kingdom. This town is in the inner abdomen of the Peak District. If you go by train, you must first get off at the town of Hope, and then walk there for 30 minutes. You can also get there by bus.

Here is the most beautiful mountain view in the Peak District, the quiet town of Castleton, although the sparrow is small but complete, the roast lamb chops and desserts are very good.

5. Burlish Top Nature Reserve poppies

In the United Kingdom, poppies have a special meaning and are used to commemorate the British soldiers who died in World War I. In the suburbs of England in midsummer, poppies can be seen everywhere.

Do you know that the sea of red poppies is so beautiful in the sunset. Taking pictures in such a sea of flowers will be amazingly beautiful. Want to know where there is a large sea of poppies? I recommend Burlish Top Nature Reserve near Birmingham. It is a famous hiking and sightseeing area. It is super romantic.

6. Bamford Edge Peak District

The sixth British niche tourist attraction to be recommended is in the Peak District. This has become an Internet celebrity attraction in the Peak District in recent years, and it is the famous Bamford Edge. Searching for tourist attractions in the Peak District on the Internet, many people stand on a cliff, below is the blue Ladybower Reservoir.