7 Home Remedies to Help Dry Skin Soothe Itchy, Irritating Symptoms Naturally

7 Home Remedies to Help Dry Skin Soothe Itchy, Irritating Symptoms Naturally

Rachel -

There are various things that might be accountable for dry skin, the sudden change in temperature, inefficient exfoliation or over exfoliation, hot bathing, dry temperature, harsh soaps, or simply aging. For whatever reasons, suddenly you have to deal with itching, tight, peeling, and painful cracking skin problems. The moisturizers, lotions and masks are not that useful like before. Thankfully, here are some natural remedies you can make right in your kitchen that help keep your skin moisturized and smooth. Stop investing hundreds on expensive facial product or resorting to dermatologist, natural is the best!

1. Aloe Vera gel

Well-known in skincare, aloe vera works wonder to soothe skin dryness. It is extremely effective in infusing and locking moisture from it into the skin. It’s also loaded with healing and anti-inflammation properties that help alleviate the symptoms associated with skin dryness, such as redness, irritation and allergy. Cut the aloe vera leaf to extract the gel inside of it. Simply apply some on your face, neck, and anywhere you need and message it into your skin, and make a big difference.

2. Coconut oil

Coconut oil is proven to be one of the most effectively natural ways for relieving skin dryness. This household staple can penetrate through various layers of our skin, hydrate through the gap between skin cells, making skin smooth and moisturizer. Coconut oil is also loaded with fatty acids, which help improve the lipid content in the skin. Simply applying some coconut oil on your face and body, and rub it to help better intake. Wash them away after about half an hour and see the difference.

3. Take an oatmeal bath

Packed with many health benefits, oatmeal is a superfood that also do good to your skin. The properties contained in oatmeal can help fight skin inflammation and irritation naturally. Actually, it has been around for centuries as a dry skin treatment. To make the most benefit out of it, don’t eat them - chop them into powder, then add into warm water for an oatmeal bath. And feel the dry, itchy feeling relieved.

4. Honey

Honey is another natural yet effective way for relieving skin dryness. Thanks to its antibacterial and soothing effect, honey can quickly remedy allergens and skin irritants. Apply it on the skin directly, or make a pack by mixing it with oatmeal. And get a moisturized and soothed skin.

5. Avocado

Avocado is not only a good addition in your salad or sandwiches, it’s also a natural skin moisturizer. This kind of superfood is packed with fatty acids and Vitamin A and E, helping nourish skin and protect skin from UV ray damage. It also boost collagen production, which further helps in keeping your skin plump and youthful. To relieve dry skin, make a DIY avocado mask by smashing it up and mixing with olive oil or honey, then apply on your face and wash it off after 20 minutes.

6. Stay hydrated

Your water intake can make or break your skin, literally. Sometimes your skin become dry, tight and flaky simply because you are dehydrated. Drink at least 8 glasses of water a day to keep your body hydrated, and apply yourself a hydrating mask, and to moisturize your skin from the inside out. It also helps you wash out excessive toxins from the skin.

7. Milk

This common goods on the grocery store is also an ideal at-home treatment to relief dry skin. Milk is rich in phospholipid, which is proven effective in maintaining the moisture in the skin and repairing skin barrier. Add it into your diet. Or apply it by soaking a washcloth with milk then press it against your dry skin areas for a few minutes.