Strange And Unusual Homes From Around The World

Strange And Unusual Homes From Around The World

lydia - May 10,2023

Hey, did you know there are 8 billion people on Earth? Yeah, good luck trying to stand out from that crowd! But hey, have you ever thought about going against the norm and being your own weird and wacky self? Well, buckle up because we've got some seriously out-there folks to show you. We're talking long nails, bizarre talents, and body mods that'll make your jaw drop. These people are so unique that even the Guinness World Records couldn't ignore them. So get ready to have your mind blown by some seriously strange yet awesome humans. Don't worry, no blood or gore, just pure shock and awe!

6. Robert Wadlow, who has the largest feet ever!

Meet Robert Wadlow, the Alton Giant, born in 1918 in Illinois. By age 8, he was already towering over his dad, measuring 5'11''. But that was just the beginning. He went on to become the tallest person ever, clocking in at 8'11.1''. So, what made him so darn big? Blame his pituitary gland, which went into overdrive and caused him to produce more human growth hormone than a field of mushrooms. Unfortunately, Robert never received treatment, so his growth spurt was unstoppable.

With a body that big, his feet were a real showstopper too, measuring a whopping 18.5 inches, which is like a size 37AA! Shoe shopping was a nightmare for him, but luckily, a company named INTERCO stepped in and made custom shoes for him for free, as long as he did some promotional work.

5. Just how long were the longest fingernails in the world?

Get a load of this: there was a woman named Lee Redmond from Salt Lake, Utah who held the world record for the longest fingernails on both hands! And get this, her nails were over 28 feet long in total! She started growing them in 1979 just for kicks, and planned to chop them off in 2006. But guess what? She got so used to them, she kept them going for years! And get this, she didn't let them stop her from doing everyday things like cooking, riding bikes, and even taking care of her sick husband. In 2008, Guinness recognized her as the queen of long nails, and she still holds that title today. Sadly, in 2009, she got into a car accident that destroyed her nails. But you know what? She's planning on growing them back, although not quite as long as before. You gotta hand it to her, that lady's got some serious nail game!

4. Age is just a number to the world’s oldest bodybuilder.

Getting up in the morning to exercise is tough, especially as we age. But not for Jim Arrington, who at 88 years old, loves hitting the gym. He's in the best shape of his life and has been competing in bodybuilding events for over 70 years! This great grandpa has won 16 competitions and has participated in over 60. Jim's nickname used to be "Skinny Bones," but he didn't let that stop him from becoming a bodybuilder. He's constantly changing up his workouts to achieve his next goal, but mostly does full-body workouts twice a week for over an hour. And let's not forget his high-protein diet. Talk about commitment!

3. He holds the world record for the widest mouth.

Prepare to be mind-blown, folks! Meet Francisco Domingo Joaquin, aka “Chiquinho,” the man from Angola with the most enormous mouth in the world. This guy's mouth is so massive that it can hold a soda can sideways! How did he discover this incredible talent, you ask? Well, turns out he has a connective tissue disorder. A talent search team found him after seeing his jaw-dropping (pun intended) Youtube video, and he went on to break the world record for the biggest mouth at a competition in Rome. Trust us, you won't be able to unsee this!

2. Have you seen the longest-living conjoined twins?

Well, you don't see conjoined twins walking around much these days, thanks to advanced medicine. But the Galyon twins from Ohio were the exception - they stuck together for a whopping 68 years! Despite sharing some organs, they managed to lead pretty normal lives and even went on tour with their dad as a sideshow act. They were such stars that they even made it onto The Jerry Springer Show and the Discovery Channel. Sadly, they passed away last year from heart failure. It just goes to show, even when life sticks you together, you can still make the most of it!

1. Do you want to be a record-breaker for the stretchiest skin? Probably not.

Meet Garry Turner, the human Stretch Armstrong! He's got a rare condition called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome that makes his skin super stretchy and his joints hypermobile. He holds the record for the stretchiest skin on the planet, with his stomach able to stretch up to 6.25 inches. Doctors knew something wasn't right when he was born in 1971 and the midwife noticed his loose skin. But hey, it doesn't hurt when he stretches it, and he's been loving the attention ever since he became a record holder in 2009. Joint pains are a bummer, but who cares when you can stretch your skin like a pro!