Famous Female Stars In The Last Decades: Then and Now

Famous Female Stars In The Last Decades: Then and Now

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Kristin Davis made it big in acting by starring Charlotte York on SATC in 1998. She's presently 57 years old but she looks youngish than utmost people her age. She went on to star in other TV shows like Friends and Will and Grace. She had several roles in movies like Bad Teacher and Deck the Halls, and still looking stunned and glamorous.

She gives this credit to the healthy lifestyle that she lived. “I used to go to the gym six days a week, two hours a day. I worked hard”. Besides living healthy, she recommends skin regimes, especially wearing sunscreen with the right SPF content. She will never walk out of the house without wearing sunscreen, and always reapply after lunch. Dermatologist recommends an SPF of at least 30, which can block over 95% harmful UVB rays effectively.


It’s no secret that the Friends star Courtney Cox’s face looks incredibly youthful despite her age. After years of getting injections that limited her facial movement and made her look fake, Cox admits that she's finally had all of her fillers removed in 2017.

Now at 57, she's all about a healthier lifestyle and a natural approach to beauty. she’s been practicing her own beauty routine with lifting serum and vitamin C products. She’s also been doing workouts such as Pilates for years. All of the efforts help bring out her inner beauty.


Elizabeth Hurly has always been stunning since she first came into the public eye as a spokesmodel for Estée Lauder. Decades later, this 56-year-old actress, model, and prominent business woman has never slowed her pace and continued to prove that age is only a number. Once glance at her Instagram and you might guess she’s no older than 35.

This social media darling revealed her reverse aging secrets recently. She moisturizes her skin ten times a day, and she uses night serum religiously (and has done since 1995!). It's also important to live healthier lifestyle, such as quitting smoking, reducing alcohol, getting sufficient sleep, eating organic vegetables, and exercising.


The Can’t Get You out Of My Head singer Kylie Minogue firstly found fame on her versatility in acting. She then embarked on a singer career, with hits in every single decade since. Now turns 54, Kylie has always appeared so youthful despite her age, and has been open about the fact that she regularly gets Botox, which she believes is a good investment.

And if you perhaps thought that Kylie had taken things a little too far, well, you're not alone. Compared to her natural state when she was youthful, her cheeks were formerly too frozen. She ultimately decided to ditch Botox and has reversed slightly. She chose to embrace a healthy life and her fans love her new natural look.


Her age-defying appearance means it's almost impossible to believe that Nicole Kidman is about to turn 54. The actress looks so incredibly younger than her real age that news on Twitter went viral that she had undergone some surgical procedure.

In fact, Nicole Kidman did admit to a certain face procedure. This could be filters, Botox or dermal fillers. Now she decided to stop getting Botox and switched to a healthier lifestyle instead to maintain her youthful appearance. Besides, regular exercises and healthy diet are her recipes of eternal youth.


Sandra Bullock has been America’s sweetheart for as long as we can remember and never fails to entertain us on the big screen. Today she celebrates her 57th birthday, but she hasn’t seemed to age a day in the last decade. Now, top croakers are considering how this senior actress seems to repel nature and manage to achieve such a smooth, wrinkle-free complexion.

She confessed in the Ellen DeGeneres Show that she is interested in the types of skincare method that helps in the production of collagen and elastin, which is known as Epidermal Growth Factor, helping contain enzymes that are harvested from invigorated baby’s foreskin. It sounds scary, but, the method do help preserve the freshness of the face. She also claims that a balanced diet and a simple workout is just as important as any product or surgery.


Former supermodel Christy Turlington somehow looks the same if not better at 52 years old than she did during the '90s at the peak of her modeling career. It seems like she have discovered the source of youth. But what’s her secret to reverse the age?

Christy gives this credit to the skincare that she’s been investing in. She has been using essential oils for years and years. Plus, she dedicates herself to a holistic lifestyle that includes yoga, organic food and sufficient sleep that make her look younger than her real age.


Through the years, Charlotte Ross has remained a prominent actress in Hollywood. It is her continuous growth, incredible talent and her beauty that garnered her legions of dedicated fans. Nevertheless, her fans are still in admiration of how Charlotte maintains her youthful look, especially that her skincare governance is said to be veritably nonpublic.

Ross supplemented her meatless diet with seasoned soy products and eats organic whole fruits and vegetables. This will automatically lower her cholesterol and reduce her saturated fat intake, thereby increasing her chances of looking better.


Angelina Jolie is one of the most attractive and beautiful actresses in the world today. Throughout the years, Jolie’s never-aging face and good looks have earned her legions of dedicated fans. Up to this day, Angelina Jolie is 46 years old and still getting credit because of her youthful look.

After her separation from husband Brad Pitt, she is now single. Ever wondered what the secret is behind her seemingly eternal youth? Jolie knows how to play with one feature of her makeup to keep it balanced. Quality makeup and removing it at the end of the day are two of her favourite beauty habits. When she's on the road, she takes an antioxidant screen and glycolic acid pads to keep her pores clean.


Jessica Lange is one of the examples of graceful aging to be found in Hollywood. Her career was long and successful, but she was not able to save money. She also had to employ an expensive lawyer to take care of her divorce. Little did she know, her investment would pay off exceptionally well. She’s now 72, proves that not all actresses rely on Botox as she shows off her naturally flawless complexion

The 72-year-old actress, who has found fame thanks to her role in hit US TV show American Horror Story. Currently, she serves as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF in the area of HIV/AIDS awareness in both Russia and the Congo. She works to inform citizens of these areas about the spread and prevention of the deadly disease.


Married with Children star Katey Sagal is one of the most outstanding actresses of her time, and she even received three nominations from the Golden Globe and one nomination for an American Comedy Award. The American actress and singer-songwriter didn’t stop there. Since her first appearance in the late 80s, she remained a presence in numerous movies and TV shows.

Today Sagal is 71 years old and right on cue, we recently saw her in a starring role in the show, Rebel, from the creators of Grey’s Anatomy, she continues voicing on Futurama until 2023, and is currently filming for a project called Torn Hearts.


With her stunning looks and brilliant mind, Lynda Carter was able to capture all her fans and the Miss World United States title in 1972. She is and has always been a class act, boasting talent, beauty and brains; the whole package. Over the years, Lynda Carter has enjoyed a successful acting career, even beyond her Wonder Woman years. She still looks wonderful at age 70, both inside and out.

The Wonder Women actress refuses to get any plastic surgery. And she believes true beauty comes from within, no matter what your age. Besides, t She credits her enduring beauty to the years of proper diet, regular exercise, and stress management, as well as to her investments in her body.


The multitalented Mexico Star Salma Hayek burst onto the scene in the early ’90s for her roles in famous movies such as Desperado, Wild Wild West, and Dogma. She always looks flawless and is blessed with an incredibly youthful complexion. All her fans are amazed at how the actress’s skin looks so fresh and young.

The 56-year-old actress takes her skincare routine seriously and credits her glowing complexion to her grandmother who taught her everything she knows about beauty. She claimed that we should all embrace our bodies, flaws and all, to ensure we present the proper attitude and feel good about our skin. This is what makes a woman appealing.


Lisa Bonet is well-known for playing Denise on classic late ’80s/early ’90s sitcom The Cosby Show and the spinoff series A Different World. The 54-year-old actress looks so incredibly youthful that her fans are looking into what goes into the upkeep of that gorgeous glowing skin that has not aged a day.

Well! It turns out she credits it to a lifestyle and skincare routine she’s been practicing religiously. Bonet revealed that, she washes her face every morning to remove dead skin cells. Afterwards, she will apply serums followed by some facial spritz to keep her skin moisturized. A great skincare routine has been keeping her youthful glow for years. She is living proof of the effectiveness of a proper skincare regimen. She doesn't look like she's even 50!


As one of the most attractive and talented English actress and model, Linda Lusardi started her career at the age of 18 and soon became the most voted model. Though she decided to live behind the limelight, she’s still loved by her fans for her beautiful figure.

Now the beauty is 61years old, and currently stunned the Lorraine show with one of her most iconic looks - her glittery sparkly bikini. She revealed her beauty secrets - Drink lots of water. Get enough sleep – at least 8 hours a night. Keep your skin hydrated and wear a good quality cream on your face!


There’s no doubt Priscilla Presley is one of the most iconic Hollywood stars of the ’80s and ’90s. Her beauty has perfectly proven that why the King of rock ’n’ roll once couldn’t help but fall in love with her. While married to Elvis Presley for six years, Priscilla had successful careers as both an actor and mogul in her own right. Sadly, the beautiful woman became a victim of having low-grade silicone into her face and had to hire a lawyer to lead to the cosmetic surgeon’s imprisonment.

Currently, Priscilla looked glamorous during several red carpet events to promote the biographical musical film, Elvis.


You wouldn’t even believe that iconic supermodel Christine Brinkley is already 67 years old! She is part of the celebrity group who undoubtedly found the fountain of youth.

Today it’s been over 40 years since she first started modeling, yet her skin still looks positively wrinkle-less with glowing complexion; her hair bouncy, thick, and shiny as ever; and her persona as bubbly as champagne - we’re convinced she’s aging backwards. As for her reason for youthful glow, Christie only consumes organic food since she is a lifelong vegan, besides, she avoids sugar as much as possible.


Who hasn't heard of Kris Jenner, the “momager” of the Jenner and Kardashian youngsters? She is one of the most well-known TV personalities nowadays. However, one of the things that people notice about her is that she looks way younger despite her age. She’s now 65 years old, but her appearance is younger as the years roll by. It’s no big secret that she has been uses some of her Botox and plastic surgery investments for a long time, thanks to the paycheck she earns from their reality TV show. Despite the fact that Keeping Up with the Kardashians is currently ending, Kris and her daughters are already very popular and wealthy. We believe they will have sufficient money to cover their cosmetic needs for the remainder of their lives.


Jennifer Beals was one of the iconic stars of the ’80s thanks to her role in Flashdance. It was this movie that brought her where she is now, and she always gives it credit. She’s now 58, landed parts in films The Bride, Four Rooms, and The Book of Eli. She's also appeared on TV shows Nothing Sacred, The L Word, The Chicago Code, The Night Shift, and most recently, Taken. It seems the aging process was stopped as she doesn't look a day over 40. Beals once revealed that her beautiful skin and spry body/svelte figure can be attributed to yoga, swimming and doing Pilates.


In the late '80s and early '90s, Nicole Eggert starred on some of the most popular shows on TV, such as Who’s The Boss, Baywatch, and Charles In Charge. Thanks to her role on these famous projects, she became one of the most popular actresses during her age in Hollywood.

The actress has left Hollywood a long time ago. Currently, she appeared on an episode of reality television The Bachelor where she coached the girls on how to apply sunscreen and do the famous run on the beach. Although she no longer performs, we still admire her beauty. How excellent it is that she still looks young.


No one can dispute that Gwen Stefani looks incredible. The 52-year-old (yes, you read that number correctly) “Hollaback Girl” singer has wowed us with truly timeless look, and has even showed off her natural beauty by no makeup on more than a few occasions. Even today, she won’t lose the competition with younger performers for her ageless look.

Stefani was opened about some of her flawless, youthful complexion tips that you can copy: She applies sunscreen to help protect her complexion from the harmful sunrays. She also recommends cleaning your face at the end of the night, no matter how tired you feel.


Fans came to know the actress Debra Messing after she played interior designer Grace Adler in the early 2000s classic sitcom Will & Grace. At 53 years old, the actress’s skin appears just as smooth and wrinkle-free as it did 20 years ago, and the actress credit this to her fitness and skincare regime.

Debra's flawless complexion became the subject of much public interest, as fans marveled at just how youthful and wrinkle-free she looked. Many demanded to know whether she had a facelift, and messing replied that she had simply been getting some very good facials. Of course, the lover of the celebrity remains in love with her, no matter what she does.


When we first watched the Charlie’s Angels films, we wanted to be just like the amazing and beautiful Lucy Liu, who played the character Alex Munday. Her radiant and glowing caught off our guard to learn that this American-born Chinese actress is 53 now. She gives the credits to getting plenty of water, regular exercise, and being a fan of acupuncture.

Lucy revealed that she applies coconut oil and sunscreen on her face religiously. She also takes steps to wear a hat and handkerchief around her neck. Her plant-based diet also contributes to her clear complexion and slim figure.


Even after 31 years, Pretty Woman is still one of those movies we all still love, and catapulted Julia Roberts to one of the most well-known Hollywood star. After Pretty Woman, the actress remain active in over 50 films and won Oscar and three Golden Globes. She hasn’t shown signs of stopping.

The superstar is now 54 years old and still looks super radiant. The no-makeup selfie in her social media reminded all her fans how she’s remain simple yet glamour. She is now married with a child and still looks gorgeous, even if she hasn’t made any beauty investment in maintaining her youthful glow.


Despite being in her 50s, Halle Berry looks as young as ever. Over the years she had a remarkable career in the industry. The Esquire Magazine once crowned this Cat Woman star the sexiest woman in 2008. Now 14 years later, Halle Berry is 55 years old, but she sure looks younger than her age. She revealed her beauty secrets on her social media account recently.

Halle credits her beautiful skin to the quality of sleep she gets every night. Halle also credits her beauty to relentless commitment to health and fitness. Moreover, she also uses light make up most of the time so her skin has time to breathe. A lot of make up on your face can cause problems if not removed properly. The rubbing you must do to remove it will also speed up aging.


Elle Macpherson is one of the most recognizable and photographed women in the world. She has graced the cover of numerous high-profile magazines. The model is 57 years old, but you wouldn’t have known it by judging her figure and look.

The first thing she does every morning is hot water and lemon. Elle also likes drinking more water to stay hydration. As for how she keeps in shape, she credits to a strict wellness regime which leaves her body looking and feeling its best. It’s not surprising that she looks this stunning, considering how strict she is about her diet, water, consumption and sleep.


Ever since her first appearance on the screen, Julianne Moore has captivated millions of her fans across the globe. The actress turns 61 today! She looks much younger than her age as her signature fiery red hair flowed over her shoulders. Some of her fans suspect that she has had cosmetic surgery. Moore credits her glowing skin to a simple, consistent skincare and two big glasses of water with chlorophyll every morning.

Her youthful-looking skin also results from the sunscreen she applies religiously. Sunscreen help protecting your skin from the harmful sun rays and will surely keep you looking young and healthy. It’s time to apply them to your everyday routine.


In the ‘90s, Debbie Rowe became one of Hollywood's most prominent personalities after her relationship with Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. Vitiligo treatments at a dermatology Dr. Klein’s office brought them together, and they soon married after she got pregnant in 1996. They split three years later, with Jackson receiving full custody of the two kids.

Following their divorce, she gave full custody rights of the children to the singer. Today, Debbie’s life is much quieter than it was during her marriage to Michael Jackson. She is 63, and doesn't look her age at all, thanks to all the tricks she must have learned at that dermatology office.


Ever since her appearance in the classics Boyz n the Hood, Angela Bassett has been one of the most celebrated actresses of the 90s. Currently, she played in a number of critically acclaimed television series, including American Horror Story and BoJack Horseman, and Black Panther’s Queen Mother in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Her performance and allure were so impressive that she received many accolades credits for it.

She turns 64 today, but she looks like half her age. While Bassett makes it all look effortless, she’s made it clear over the years that she works hard to look this good. Bassett recently teamed up with celebrity skin specialist Dr. Barbara Sturm to create a skin care line for darker-skinned ladies, which has made a significant impact on the beauty industry. As Angela addressed a gap that existed previously, now more of them can achieve the same glowing look as her. She also revealed her pantry staple, coconut oil to stay hydrate.


It’s hard to believe sex symbol Sharon Stone is over 60 now - she doesn't look a day over 40. Time has seen her age gracefully without the help of botox and injections. Her beauty routine is simple yet effective coupled with a happy living and healthy lifestyle which makes the Dior spokeswoman appear younger than her 63 years.

Sharon is a staunch user of moisturizers which she has been doing from a young age. She looks effortlessly glowing now that she is in her senior years. Sharon also advises a weekly exfoliation for the face and body and the constant use of sunscreen on the face and hands. She does not smoke and removed caffeine and alcohol but remains hydrated with water. Most importantly, according to Stone, having the right mindset and an aura of confidence is what brings out the beauty in.


Believe it or not, Sela Ward is now in her 60s. Like other celebrities, Ward also has been through several cosmetic surgeries to remove her wrinkles and some skin sagging on the face, which made her looks younger than her actual age.

Aside from that, she also mentioned she has a very simple but effective beauty secret to keep her skin looking dewy and healthy. She shared that taking care of her skin also involves protecting from the harmful sun rays and avoiding smoking and alcohols. Her strict fitness routine and diet are some of the main tricks keeping her not only in shape but also putting her body in optimum health.


Kathleen Turner was revered as one of the most glamorous women of the 80s and 90s and was known for having a recognizable voice. However, she started slowed down when Turner was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. The treatments took most of her incomes and eight years to get back on her feet.

Currently, Kathleen has made her comeback at New York’s Metropolitan Opera. Despite her health concerns, she was able to become productive as soon as she recovered. Even in her older age, she still has the ability to thrill the world. That’s the kind of woman we aspire to become.


Jacklyn Smith is one of the most memorable television actresses of the 1970s and ‘80s thanks to her role as Kelly Garrett in Charlie’s Angels. Now aged 77, she managed to maintain her youthful looks and wrinkle-free face even though she is well into her seventies. It looks like she didn’t barely aged a day since Charlie’s Angels.

Instead of major cosmetic surgery to keep things smooth, Smith relies on chemical peels and laser rejuvenation procedures. Besides, she uses the gentle cleanser, exfoliator, night cream, body cream, and eye cream. These products are enriched with peptides, antioxidants, retinol and hyaluronic acid, all of which are crucial for anti-aging.


Due to her gorgeous voice and outstanding performances, Dolly Parton became one of the most recognizable country singers worldwide. Despite her beauty helping during her career, Dolly's face started showing signs of ageing as her fine lines and wrinkles developed.

The country superstar turns 76 recently, but looks younger than her real age with her glamorous eyeshadow, and blonde hair teased to the heavens. She has opened about getting botox to maintain her youthful look. Instead of expensive products or fancy serums, sunscreen is what matters most to her for having good skin, not expensive products or fancy serums.


As one of the most popular culinary and TV personalities, Martha Stewart has certainly come a long way. Though her career has spanned over 40 years today, she’s setting the record about her youthful look. You'd never know she’s 80 by her radiant complexion. Fortunately, she decided to divulge some skin care tips for everyone.

Martha prefers to pack on masks instead of a cleanser, as soon as she finishes washing her face in the morning. Wearing sunblock to shield your face from the harmful rays is also a must in Martha’s skincare regimen. It seems simple, but adhering to this advice will certainly help many of us maintain a youthful glow no matter how old we are. She also drinks a six-ounce glass of green juice — made from ingredients grown from her farm like celery, pear, and ginger — each morning, which not only helps her stay hydrated, but also detox.


Tonya Harding is one of the world's most Renowned figure skaters. She became famous when she won the 1991 Maiden National Skating. Many people also remember her for being the first American woman to perform a triple axel in a competition.

Sadly, her career came to an end when her greatest competitor, Nancy Kerrigan, was assaulted in 1994. No one knows what Tonya has been doing since the ordeal, but we can say that she appears younger than her actual age. Whatever skincare investments she's made, they've been good for her skin. It's great that Tonya pays attention to her skin, because regular exposure to ice can negatively impact it. She hasn't aged as much as she should have because of this. Her fitness has also helped her maintain her healthy look throughout her sporting career.


In Bewitched, Tabitha Stephens is portrayed by Erin Murphy, an American actress. Her sister also appeared in the same show, but she left after the second season. Murphy was also required to hire divorce lawyer when she stared in Deadly Fighters.

It's a good match for Erin right now, since she's a lifestyle and fashion writer and is 58 years old. Her skincare investments obviously keep her looking young. She looks like she's in her early 30s, not her late 50s. Because she's not acting anymore, she doesn't have to worry about her skin being exposed to harsh chemicals or harsh lights. That's good news for her skin. She also has some healthy eating tips to maintain her weight and overall health. Her appearance is the result of everything combined.


Starting in the late '60s, Melissa Gilbert got a lot of recognition for her work in Little House On The Prairie. She became well-known as a result of this performance, and subsequently she started to get more significant role and commercial modelling offers.

Despite being at the peak of her profession, the actress had a hard time dealing with her addictions. She finally overcame her unhealthy behaviors and even wrote a book about them. Melissa now appears to be in excellent health and looks young and graceful, even though she is ageing. Despite having endured some difficult times, her beauty still shines through. Her investments in skincare products are paying off big time. She should focus on her health in order to live a long and healthy life, even if her body recovers. We believe that she will succeed in the film industry if she wishes, based on her appearance.


Because of her youthful appearance, Stacey Dash's fans wanted to know what skincare products she used. Stacey is well-known for starring as Dionne Davenport in Clueless. She is already 55 years old, but her looks say she is only in her early 30s. In addition to having countless credits for this production, Stacey rose to pop culture fame. Moving, Renaissance, and Mo'Money are just a few of the films that offered her a role as an actress. In addition to her acting credits, Stacey also contributed to Fox News’s programmes.

Politics interests her more than Hollywood at the moment. Stacey will be successful in whatever path she chooses, especially if she must always be in front of the cameras and maintain her looks and physique. Stacey Dash is staying active and healthy these days. Given her profession, she certainly doesn't want to come up short in the appearance department.


Keely Shaye Smith is one of the most multi-faceted females of her age group. She is a journalist, television presenter, actress, and author, in addition to being married to Pierce Brosnan and raising two wonderful children with him.

Even though she is 58 years old, Keely looks youthful and energetic thanks to Pierce's care and love. Some of her fans believe that she lost weight because of how slim she appears currently. Whether she underwent liposuction or altered her diet, we can say that she looks healthier. People have a preference for treatments like this, and we should respect that. Regardless of what her current figure is, if she feels confident in herself, she will be beautiful. Making you stand out as any other woman is reliant on your skin confidence. Keely must be content with herself.


Born in 1981, Julia Stiles has been in the entertainment business since the 1990s and is one of Hollywood's most beautiful faces. Save the Last Dance and 10 Things I Hate About You are two of the films that made her famous. Even at 41, the actress doesn't seem to age a bit.

Despite the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Stiles remains down to earth. She frequently walks around without makeup, and she prefers to maintain things natural. She bravely ventures out with messy hair. In spite of her fame, Stiles attempts to keep a low profile. She is currently married with a child, but she never takes out any loans in order to maintain her youthful appearance.


Besides appearing as Borg Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Voyager, Jeri Ryan's perfect smile was one of her recognizable features. Because of her outstanding ability and acting, she won Saturn Award in 2001 and was nominated for four times. Despite being in her 50s and having decided to take it easy, Jeri is still working and has been featured in several TV shows. Probably because of the anti-aging cream she takes, Jeri appears young for her age.

She must be consuming a lot of water and getting a lot of sleep in order to stay looking youthful. We also wish to get our hands on her secrets so that we can look and feel young as well. These, along with a healthy diet and ample exercise, will accomplish the job. It is crucial as you age to maintain your self-esteem. Her smile is still there, so we can tell she feels great about herself.


VH1 ranks Molly Ringwald as one of the greatest stars of all time. The Brat Pack, a group of successful, committed young actors from the 1980s, included Molly Ringwald. The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles are two of her films. Despite her hectic schedule, Molly still looks young at 54 because she takes care of herself.

Is she using the proper skincare products or did she get Botox? Both choices would not be so unexpected if she is a Hollywood legend. Taking good care of her looks has probably been something she's worked on every day to maintain her youthful appearance. Since she has been popular her whole life, she is undoubtedly skilled at it. How we would love to look like her when our time comes.

Ursula Andress – Age 86

Ursula Andress was a Bond girl in Casino Royale and Dr. No. Thanks to James Dean, who helped her gain her popularity, she became a famous television and movie artist. Unfortunately, there was an issue with her career. When she met John Derek, she became embroiled in a contentious liaison. They married in Las Vegas, which ultimately led to her withdrawal from acting. She returned to film making after having her son.

Despite being 86 years old, Ursula still looked stunning after taking a long break from show business. People were amazed to see that she looked as beautiful as ever, despite having focused on family rather than work for a while.


Despite the fact that many actors and actresses waste their money on unhealthy and addictive substances, Jenny Agutter is unique in avoiding them. She started her acting career at a young age and yet avoided everything. Even at 69 years old, Jenny looks young because she focuses on her family, friends, and good health. Whether she invested in high-end skincare products or took care of her health, it has turned out well for her.

She's still swoon-worthy at 69, as you can see. She has kept her youthful and healthy glow all these years, unlike many other girls. When she starts giving out skincare and beauty advice, we will certainly pay attention.


Bern Nadett Stanis was one of the most pretty actresses of her time. In addition to being a fine performer, she is a terrific author with four books to her credit. Bern works on television shows and sitcoms other than writing books if she is not too occupied with them. Because she was divorced four times, she had to hire a lawyer for all of them.

At age 68, Bern still has hope of finding the right guy. We are also curious about how much work and money she puts into skincare products and cosmetic procedures, as she still looks quite young. It's evident she has no problem finding dates, thanks to her attractive looks. We'd still be eager to date if we looked as good as she does at 68, don't you agree?


Despite her dazzling looks at the age of 64, Michelle Pfeiffer hasn’t aged a bit. She remains one of the most beautiful actresses of our time. Grease and Scarface helped launch her career, and like other celebrities, she also struggled with substance abuse.

During the time she was recovering from her harmful habits, Michelle lost a lot of her investments and earnings by participating in a vegetarian cult. Michelle is now active in the acting business and played Janet Van Dyne in the lasted big hit, Avengers: Endgame. Despite her senior age, she is thriving in her profession. Because she has so many ventures under her belt, Michelle already has the credentials to establish herself as a leading name in Hollywood. She still appears in films today as beautiful as ever, and it isn't surprising.


Instead of pursuing a music career, Cheryl Ladd became one of Hollywood's most popular actors. The universe seems to have a different plan for her. Being part of Charlie’s Angels, a TV series in which she replaced one of the characters, helped her become famous. She has since appeared in various television programmes and films while studying diplomacy at college.

What's more, she wrote a children's book back in 1996 and still looks as wonderful as ever at 69 years old. It's really fortunate that she's maintained her youthful glow throughout the years, regardless of whether it's because of plastic surgery or an excellent skincare routine. Even in her later years, she hasn’t lost the appeal of a younger woman. Women are jealous of her because she maintains her youthful appearance. Having accomplished so much in the entertainment industry, Michelle already has the credentials to become a leading name in Hollywood. She is as beautiful as ever in films today, and it is not surprising.


Lisa Whelchel became famous after appearing on The New Mickey Mouse Club as a Mouseketeer, as well as on the Facts of Life for nine years, which really helped her acting career. She hasn’t relied on cosmetic surgery to maintain her youthful glow at 59 years old. We believe she invested in expensive skincare products to preserve her young appearance.

Living a healthy lifestyle and using expensive skin care products seems to be working out well for her. We hope to look as young as Lisa when we reach our 50s, just like many others who continue to care about their appearance, eat healthily, sleep well, and drink lots of water. It's nice to see that Lisa has been in the show business since she was a child and might have learned a thing or two about beauty.


Julie Andrews captured the attention of the worldwide population by appearing in Thoroughly Modern Millie, The Sound Of Music, and Mary Poppins. Her iconic looks and voice are what made her so popular. Unfortunately, Julie went through a throat operation that caused her to lose her voice and her investment money was almost lost.

It's fortunate for her that loads of people like seeing her on the big screen, since she still gets leading roles in different films. Despite being 86 years old, she still looks young for her age. It seems as if people with a positive outlook on life age well. Her cheerful behaviour plays a big role in how she ages. Despite the fact that she may have had some health issues that negatively impacted her work, Julie inspired young artists of today with her smile and beauty.