Funny Airport Photos That Will Make You Laugh

Funny Airport Photos That Will Make You Laugh

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An airport is often one of the most interesting places to observe people behaving in peculiar ways. You might be flying to an exciting location or simply commuting to work. This is one of those places where you're most likely to see people doing the craziest things. Here are some of the most amusing pictures taken at airports.

Taking a Nap

What if you had to spend even more time at the airport because of a layover? Would you be bored? A woman cleverly slept on the seats in a row to get some sleep when she needed it.

Shining Service For Metal Boots

You’re certain to see a lot of interesting things as you wander around airports. Businesses in airports are always present, and this image took conveying the message to a whole new level.

In this picture, two people are busy polishing two pairs of metal boots while two armoured figures sit in comfortable chairs. It is difficult to see anything other than amusement in this picture, as the people are said to have been in town for Comic-Con.

Welcome Home Sign

A unique way to greet a loved one home is still funny, even if it contains too much information.

Sure, it is nice to have a “Welcoming Home” sign, but is it really necessary to let people know where you are coming from? If it is vacation, by all means include that. However, do people really want to know if you just got out of prison?

Plane Pull

It was fascinating to see a horde of tiny people pulling a plane, but we had to find out what the heck was going on. Google confirms that plane pulls are fairly common...

Special Olympics has a plane pull event, in which teams of up to 15 members compete to see who can pull a 50-ton plane 12 feet the fastest. Airline and airport plane pulls are also popular as fundraisers. How surprising!

Kiss & Goodbye Zone

It is difficult to bid farewell to a beloved person at the airport when we know we will not see them for a long time. At the Aalborg Airport in Denmark, you wish you could hug your loved one a little longer, but the rules limit you to three minutes.

Aalborg Airport provides a Kiss & Goodbye zone where family members may park for a limited time to bid farewell to the departed. However, the time limit is only three minutes.

Airport Fashion Guy

You shouldn't take fashion advice from this bubble gum-colored fanatic unless you want to end up looking like a huge piece of bubble gum. Is he going to New York Fashion Week or is he going incognito? WOW - you really like his outfit.

No one will bother you on your trip if you follow this guy's example. He's a genius; it's all an act to make people leave him alone.

A Clever Pillow

People are exhausted at airports, and the seats are too small. In this picture, one very creative man is lying across the chair and his luggage.