Man Gives His Girlfriend A Necklace, Until A Year Later She Realized...

Man Gives His Girlfriend A Necklace, Until A Year Later She Realized...

Rachel -

We always expect to receive gifts that can make everyone envious. But if you got a strange or even a little ugly gift from your boyfriend, what will you do?

There is a happy couple from Australia, Anna and her boyfriend Terry. She thought there's nothing she didn't know about her lover after 3 years of dating. But she was completely wrong.

A Unique Hand-made Gift

Terry had been searching for the perfect gift for his girlfriend. He wanted it to be something special, something that would show just how much he loved her. After months of searching and thinking, he finally decided to make a unique necklace with his woodworking skills. He chose Tasmanian Huon Pine for the pendant part, a kind of dark, satiny hardwood that is ideal for this undertaking.

They took back a spiral seashell once in a trip, and he inlaid it into the wood and shaped into a teardrop. Then he strung the pendant on a white piece of string to finish the necklace. It appeared to be the ideal anniversary present. However, there was actually more to it than it looked...

The Labor Work Was Worth It

Terry felt very nervous when he gave the special necklace to Anna at dinner. He was visibly tense. It was possible that Anna didn't like it at all. People can be picky about the ornaments they wear.

What made Terry relieved was that Anna find the gift lovely, and she also touched that he had spent time making it for her. She put it on right away and wear it everywhere they went in the following year. You can see it in every picture of her since she first received the necklace. However, Anna was totally unaware that this necklace had a hidden secret...

Anna could only talk with their friends online because they did not all live in this nation and could not physically meet up. And Terry was happy for that. After all, it would be more likely that the secret would be found increased the more people touched the necklace.

Terry frequently felt worried to conceal the secret from Anna. But he was waiting for the ideal opportunity to expose the truth someday. Everything might be wrecked if it was revealed too soon.

It's Time To Act

About a year later, Terry and Anna departed for a trip to Scotland's Smoo Cave. Terry had some anxiety about going through airport security because the officers would scan Anna's necklace. Fortunately, they have no issues getting past customs.

As they made their way to a quiet place by walking down the shore. Terry asked permission to use her necklace for some pictures among the rocks. Anna took off the necklace and gave it to him. However, she was shocked when Terry pulled out a knife, and gently twisted it in the necklace's seam!

It Had Been Hidden Inside All The Time

Then, as Terry got down on his knees, she noticed something shimmering in his hands — an engagement ring! Turned out it had laid in the wooden pendant of necklace in the past year.

It took Anna several seconds to gather her thoughts because she was so perplexed, astounded, and overjoyed. Then she cried out, "Yes!" to Terry's marriage proposal.

A Heaven-made Match

Actually, Terry picked this place on purpose. Because "Smoo" means "hiding place" in the Nordic mythology. He made the decision to spend rest of his life with Anna as early as a year ago. How romantic this man is!

Fortunately, Terry had placed a camera in advance, thus their priceless moment could be recorded. He posted it online and their unique, sweet proposal story went viral quickly.