Some Facts about Hells Angels

Some Facts about Hells Angels

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If you are a fan of Hells Angels, you may find that Hells Angels are a special and unique group. It is an American motorcycle club active since 1965. The club has quickly become very popular among younger generations, who regard it as an extraordinary club that comes with extra perks.

Why people are crazy about being Hells Angels

Voluntary Work

The club is dedicated to helping other clubs and clubs of all types in need of help. The clubbing lifestyle is what attracted the club to the U.S. in the first place, with members traveling around the world to help raise money for abused or neglected street and bike repair kids.

No Drugs with Members

The club also has a reputation for Zero Tolerance for Drugs. There is a strict policy when it comes to drug use among them. If you want to be a member of Hells Angels, you need to spend a lot of time riding. So it makes sense that drugs are not allowed.

Respect the Ladies

You might assume that violence is rampant among gangs like the Hells Angels. However, all hells Angels are required to respect ladies. If some hells Angels break this rule, they will deserve grounds for punishment. (Women are not allowed to be a member of them, but this does not affect them with respecting the Ladies)

Require Patriotism & Solidarity

The founders of the Hells Angels largely experienced World War 2. They have a deep sense of Patriotism and solidarity. Although the President turned them down at that time, they still loved their country. If anyone pulls one Angel over, the whole club will stand out.

Highly Esteem Their Fallen

Honor the Fallen Hells Angel's ceremony will attract at least hundreds of bikers. They will show up to express their best behavior. It looks like a military funeral in some sense.

Expand Social Circle

Once you become an Angel, you get to meet great people and spend time with your friends. Meanwhile, you get a chance to meet other clubs and people from all over the world. And, most importantly, you get a chance to learn more about the club and its history.

How to become an active member of the Hells Angels!

Becoming an active member of the Hells Angels is not easy. There are some stages and rules must be followed.

Time & Age

The club requires a minimum of 2 years of dedicated membership, financial support, and time. The minimum age to join is 18, and most clubs also have strict waiting periods before anyone could become a member.

Do the Dirty Work

They need to hang out around the club and do some cleaning or plans for the meeting or wash other formal members' bikes. Sometimes, you can serve them with coffee or tea.

No complaint

Once Hang Arounds eventually become prospects. You still have a long way to go. You need to have tolerance for some unfair things without complaint, or you will be out at any time.

No Logos

Those interested in becoming an Angel can not wear the Hells Angels logo until they are to be a member of them. Logos are only provided for Members.

Hells Angels membership requirements

Once you follow the stages and become a hells Angle, some requirements, you need to follow :

Specific Outfit

Once you become a member of hells angels, you need to wear their hells angels vest. If you take a look at their vest , you will find they are different from each other. The more patches on his vest, the higher ranker he will be. so some new members are just with the main logo patches on the back.

Nowadays, the Harley-Davidson style trend has already very popular around the world. And it continues to be in style for the easy rider look.

Bikes Must be Harley-Davidson

Perhaps this is a very important rule for Hells Angel. You can not ride any other motorcycle. The bike must be designed by Harley-Davidson or it must belong to the Harley-Davidson company, like Buell bikes. In beginning, it was because Harleys appealed to people for its USA-made cheap, and easy to maintain.

Regular Attendance

Hells Angels are expected to ride every day. Especially for those interested in becoming a member of Hells Angels. If they did not have perfect attendance, they will likely lose others’ convince. Usually, Angels need to ride every day unless you have a good reason for absence.

The golden rule behind the Hells Angels

The most common thing people always ask about the Hells Angels is "What is the secret to being a Hells Angel?" This is a question that is often discussed on the club's official website, where many members go to ask the same question.

No Violence

The club also has a simple rule that members are not allowed to kill or commit violence against other club members.

No Throwing

The club also forbids anyone from throwing an object in a circle that reaches lengths of more than 30 feet, from hands that are not on the wheel, or from aircraft with more than two people on board.

No Police Members

If you are a cop, unluckily, you can not be an Angel anyway. It is not surprising that some rules of Angels may contradict the cops. Once an Angel, Always an Angel. You cannot talk to the police. Even Hells Angels are forbidden in some special work , such as working at a prison.