The current NBA stars mansion big competition, James first, Curry home is the largest

The current NBA stars mansion big competition, James first, Curry home is the largest

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The current NBA stars mansion big competition, James first, Curry home is the largest As we all know, the annual salary of NBA stars is very high, especially those top stars in the league, each year is a lot of money, so these superstars are often in the team city or some other cities to buy luxury properties, let’s see which superstar's mansion is the most valuable!

5. Durant's Los Angeles oceanfront mansion

Durant, who plays for the Nets, once bought an ocean-view mansion in Los Angeles and because of this, there are rumours that Durant is interested in joining the Lakers. The $12 million Los Angeles oceanfront mansion has a kitchen half the size of a basketball court, seven separate bedrooms, a wardrobe, a gym, a wine storage room and a hair salon. Durant returned to the Los Angeles beachfront mansion on his private jet at the start of the off season and it's clear he loves it.

4. Leonard's mansion in Palisades, Los Angeles

The company's newest product, the Los Angeles-based company, has been a major player in the industry for over a decade. The mansion in Palisades, Los Angeles is worth $17 million and has a private cinema, a large wine cellar and an infinity pool, so it looks like Leonard has already made plans to stay with the Clippers until he retires.

3. Curry’s San Francisco San Mateo mansion

With three kids, Curry needs a big house too! As the first superstar in history to receive two consecutive contracts of more than $200 million, Curry is no stranger to money, and with a happy family he has certainly improved the living conditions for his family. The $31 million mansion in San Francisco's San Mateo is set on 1.2 acres of land and is surrounded by high-tech security gates to enhance privacy and security. The mansion has a basketball court, gym, swimming pool and other fitness facilities to ensure Curry can maintain adequate physical training at home even during the off-season.

2. Harden’s mansion in Houston

Harden was an effective player for the Rockets for eight years before moving to the Nets this season, so he also purchased a mansion for himself in Houston. The mansion, worth around $40 million, is located on a hill next to the city of Houston, with a beautiful lake at the bottom, so you can see that Harden seems to be a bit of a hermit and likes to spend time in the mountains. The mansion has two private pools, indoor and outdoor, and the indoor pool has massage and fountains, etc. As the mansion is located at the top of the hill, it looks like a palace in the sky at night.

1. James’s Hollywood Luxury Resort, Los Angeles

Although James has always been more stingy in his daily life, such as hanging out with friends and can't even use mobile phone traffic, but must rub the hotspot of friends' phones. But James has spent a lot of money on his family's living environment, buying a $52 million mansion in the luxury resort of Hollywood in Los Angeles. The mansion has a huge outdoor pool, where Jen is said to gather his friends for barbecues, and a sky garden, cigar room, media room, wine tasting area and other recreational facilities.