Top 10 Most Popular Games In The World In 2021

Top 10 Most Popular Games In The World In 2021

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Steamdb has counted the most popular games on Steam this year. Let's take a look at what games are in the top ten on the list! Have you played one of these games?

1. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

This is a very fun game. You can lead funny red and blue troops from ancient, undead, and fantasy worlds to fight in this game based on the most ridiculous physics system ever created.

2. Dyson Sphere Program

This is a sci-fi sandbox construction game that combines elements of space, automated factories, adventure, and exploration. In the future, when human beings step into the ranks of advanced civilization, the power of science and technology brings about rapid development, and virtual reality iterates space and time. Humans have created supercomputers - "master brains", in the hope of using their powerful computing power to further expand the use of virtual worlds.

3. Rhythm Doctor

This is a very good audio game. Although the gameplay is simple, it is not easy to play at all. The music is great! The visual effects are also fancy enough! The Workshop greatly increases the longevity of the game.

4. Firework

This is a horror suspense puzzle game with oriental theme. The story takes place in a remote mountain town, where an accidental fire at a funeral leads to a closed family annihilation. The rookie policeman Lin re-investigated the murder case by chance. As the investigation deepened, the victim's past slowly surfaced, but the truth of the case became confusing.

This is a small game of making cookies, the number of which is exaggerated. To make more cookies, you can recruit all kinds of cookie makers, such as kindly granny, farms, factories, and otherworldly portals.

6. The Room 4: Old Sins

This is the latest entry in The Room series, and the game can still be called one of the top games in the puzzle genre! The game makes use of every inch of the secret room, allowing players to solve puzzles of moderate difficulty. Compared with the previous works, the picture is much brighter. The puzzles before and after the game are not the same, and the display effect of the puzzles can be freely retracted, which can be regarded as a model of art.

7. PowerWash Simulator

This is a decompression game that washes away your worries with the soothing sound of water cannons! Start the high-energy cleaner and use high-pressure water to remove every inch of stubborn dirt. Seeing everything shiny after a power rinse is as simple as that.

8. Townscaper

This is a casual construction game. The style of painting is simple and cute, very pleasing, and you can build a building complex in a simple click. You can click at will as a decompression tool, you can also use your creativity to restore real buildings or realize the buildings you imagined.

9. Tiny Bunny

This is a horror genre non-linear visual novel based on the short story of the same name by Dmitry Modas.

The story takes place in a quiet, ordinary village in the Siberian forest. The protagonist, Anton, has just moved here with his family, but then witnesses something unusual and is forced into a disturbing series of events. One by one, the local children disappeared. In the face of this series of disappearance cases, the police are powerless. Although they sent a forest search and rescue team, they could not find any trace of the missing child. However, Anton kept discovering mysterious fingerprints, bloodstains and pieces of clothing, as if someone showed him deliberately.

10. Word Play: Chapter Zero

This is a free text adventure game. The characters in the scene are all expressed in words. Players can advance the process by splitting and grouping words to spell out the words they need. Text is not only a part of the scene, but also can be used as an interactive mechanism. The introduction text that appears during interaction is also very important. The gameplay is very novel and interesting.