Most Awkward Texts Ever Sent Between Parents and Kids By Mistakes

Most Awkward Texts Ever Sent Between Parents and Kids By Mistakes

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Thanks to the brilliant technology, it’s so easy to talk and share things to those you love today, by simply picking up your phone, moving your thumbs, and tapping on the keyboard, you can send the messages out. Well sometimes most of us text while we're viewing the TV, in the middle of gatherings, or while we're in a hurry, which means that we don't always focused on it. While this can some of the time bring about some amusing mix-ups, it's absolutely mortifying – especially when you send text messages to your kids or your parents by mistakes.

From incorrect autocorrects to missed words and anything extremely inappropriate, here are some of the most awkward and outright hilarious texts accidentally sent between tech novice parents and kids, which would make anyone's day. Thankfully, no one was too offended by any of these messages.

An intense discussion

Everyone knows what Plan B is and why you should never inform your mom about it unintentionally, especially when you want to hide it from her. It all started when a 14-year-old shared the wrong text message with his mom. He was supposed to send it to a friend discussing their plans for the weekend, but instead, he ended up sending it to his mom who read “Let’s get Plan B.”

Clearly he didn't check who he was addressing the message to before he clicked “send it”. The outcome was something that none of us would want to experience. Needless to say, there was a tense discussion in the room as the boy tried to explain what he meant.