Most Expensive Shoes in the World Will Leave You Stunned

Most Expensive Shoes in the World Will Leave You Stunned

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While it’s nothing new to splurge on footwear, the most expensive shoes in the world can cost millions. Exceptionally expensive materials and luxury shoe brands multiplied by hundreds of hours of painstaking hand work make this shoe incredibly expensive.

Gone are the days when shoes were worn to protect the feet. Nowadays, they’ve become an integral part of a person’s wardrobe as well as a fashion necessity. Made from a variety of materials, shoes can range from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars. But for the upper rich, shoes also serve as an indicator of a person’s social status. Here’s a look at the 20 most expensive shoes in the world as of 2020:

1. Moon Star Shoes by Antonio Vietri –$19.9 million

This pair of heels worth $19.9 million, first debuted in Dubai as part of MIDE(Made in Italy, Designed in Emirates) Fashion Week. Consisting of a solid gold heel, 30 carats of diamonds, and a bit of an Argentinian meteorite circa 1576, the shoes may be record-breaking. The solid gold heels are shaped like the skyscraper while the vamp is studded with diamonds. Antonio Vietri is infamous for designing the world’s first 24k gold shoes in 2017 which were priced at a hefty $32,000. These shoes were delivered via helicopter to buyers.

2. Passion Diamond Shoe - $17 million

Yup, you heard that right. Worth USD 17 million, his decadent pair of shoes was launched in October 2018 in UAE. The Passion Diamond Shoe was created by the United Arab Emirates-based brand Jada Dubai in partnership with Passion Jewelers in 2018. These golden pumps are covered in hundreds of diamonds and made from real gold. Plus, they each feature a 15 carat flawless D diamond on the tip of each shoe and are called the Passion Diamond shoes.

3. Debbie Wingham High Heels – $ 15.1 Million

British designer Debbie Wingham unveiled these ultra-luxe stilettos in 2017. The 24 carat gold leather shoes are made from very rare pink, blue and white diamonds and sewn with 18 karat pure gold thread. The shoes were finished off with a rose gold accent and a leather Iranian jasmine flower at the center of the shoe. Costing of $15 million, they were the world’s most expensive pair of shoes until the creation of the passion diamond shoes.

4. Harry Winston Ruby Slippers - $3.01 million

In 1989, Jewelry designer Harry Winston’s son Ronald Wilson wanted to pay tribute to the 50th anniversary of “The Wizard of Oz” in the greatest way possible. After two months of placing 4,600 rubies on the slippers, the House of Harry Winston debuted its own rendition of the iconic shoe. The pair features 1,350 carats of rubies and 50 carats of diamonds. These shoes are the represent of luxury.

5. Stuart Weitzman Rita Hayworth Heel - $3 million

While the Stuart Weitzman has a number of ultra-luxe million-dollar shoes, the most expensive shoes from the American designer are the Rita Hayworth Heel coming in at $3 million. The shoe exudes Hollywood glamour as it’s adorned with earrings made of diamonds, rubies and sapphires worn by silver screen starlet Rita Hayworth. But these shoes aren’t for sale - they are the property. Hayworth’s daughter, Princess Yasmin Aga Khan.

6. Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heels – $2 Million

Worth $2 million dollars, these heels are a grand sight to behold. The straps of Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heels were adorned with 185 karats of tanzanite along with 28 karats of diamonds. A 16-carat pear-shaped tanzanite dangles from the diamond-encrusted ankle strap, just like a necklace. What makes these shoes even more attractive is the fact that they are made of shining silver, giving them a delicate, ethereal look.

7. Tom Ford Custom by Jason Arasheben - $2 million

The Tom Ford shoes were custom designed by Jason Arasheben, the well-known jewelry designer, and they were a sight to behold. With more than 14,000 full-cut round diamonds on the shoe, this pair has a total weight of 340 carats. The diamonds were also placed in white gold on a Tom Ford sole. The shoes were reported to have taken over 2,000 hours of labor to complete.

8. Stuart Weitzman Platinum Guild Stilettos – $1.09 Million

Yet another pair of Stuart Weitzman heels make our list of Most Expensive Shoes. These gorgeous strappy stilettos were designed using platinum fabric and are encrusted with 464 sparkling diamonds sourced by jeweler Kwiat. While valued at $1.09 million, these shoes might not be as impractical as you think. The combination of round and pear-shaped diamonds are removable so they can also be worn as jewelry.

9. Nizam Sikandar Jah’s Shoes– $160,000

These shoes are once belonged to Sikandar Jah, the 18 th century Ruler of Hyderabad. The delicate design is extremely complex and anything unlike you’ve seen before. The whole shoe is embroidered using gold thread and features numerous rubies, emeralds, diamonds, and other expensive gemstones. The shoes, valued at $160,000, were the property of a Toronto-based museum, but were stolen. Thankfully, they were recovered but had sustained some damage in the process.