8 Super Simple Health Tips For White Collar Workers

8 Super Simple Health Tips For White Collar Workers

Nikita -

We all know that humans have not yet evolved to work in an office environment. We are not built for it. As someone who likes to stay healthy but also likes Burger King’s triple bacon, I came up with some tips for staying healthy.

1.Take a bottle of drinking water with you.

Even if you don't drink it at first, you will eventually drink it. Just make sure that the bottle is easy to open and looks a little pleasant. We can get bored at work, so we tend to eat snacks. Eventually, you will find yourself sipping it, which will reduce other cravings (the body often misunderstands dehydration as hunger).

2.BEANO (or other digestive aids)

You may be used to it, but I bet your stomach feels different since you started working in the office. If your stomach swells, you will reduce activity and consume fewer calories. Let's face it, most people won't improve their diet, and I won't even bother telling you to eat healthy, but digestive aids are the next best choice.

3.10:30 am eating complex carbohydrate snacks

Eat some complex carbohydrates around 10 am (2 hours before lunch). This will help you to do two things: eat less at lunch, and more importantly, complex carbohydrates will slowly break down before 2 pm, adding glucose to you when you are about to crash. Granola bars are great (not candy bars because they have no complex carbohydrates). Another good idea is to bring a loaf of bread every week, dip in butter or spread with butter. Just remember to put it in snacks instead of meals.

4.Buy a good pair of shoes or a good insole

If your leg or foot is injured, you will reduce your activity and become more bloated. This may be the best investment you have made for yourself. If you have a private office and can do this, please take off your shoes occasionally. Seriously, research shows that before the invention of shoes, people's feet were healthier.

5.Taking vitamin D supplements

Always watch the good weather outside but never enjoy it? This also means that you will not produce vitamin D naturally. Almost 90% of Americans do not get enough vitamin D. Some effects are depression, drowsiness, oh yes, a strong craving for snacks in the middle of the night.

6.Eat broccoli

Okay, so I want to tell you to eat some healthy things after all, but not for normal reasons.

Office pressure makes us produce more stomach acid. Coupled with popular office foods, this can cause ulcers. Most professionals will need to take one pill a day (for example, omeprazole) after a few years. Well, broccoli, asparagus and other fibrous vegetables naturally absorb these acids.

7.No caffeine in the last 3 hours of work

For some people, this may not be possible, but you do want to prevent a crash when you go home. Late caffeine will only push the breakdown after lunch to 5 or 6 pm, keeping you sluggish at home, which will eventually make you even more tired at work the next day.

8.Buy a humidifier in winter.

Coughing? I can't tell you how many times I was in an office where half of the people cough. The dry air we breathe throughout the winter will further irritate our lungs, causing them to produce more mucus and prolong the duration of a cold. The air we breathe all day actually hurts us, not just the infections we get from others. If you can't buy one in your office, buy one in your bedroom.