3 of the most mysterious places in the world

3 of the most mysterious places in the world

Kim -

As the saying goes, the world is a big place, there is nothing strange, in this big world there are always some strange things appear, some things with the progress of technology slowly unveil the mystery, and those can not be explained by science are labeled as mysterious, today we will talk about the world's 3 most mysterious attractions, they are ancient buildings, the most attractive is not their appearance and their mysterious origin and construction techniques, until today do not know how to build, and one was used by the ancients to time.

The first attraction is called "The Gate of Space", the Sun Gate, as its name implies, has a strong connection with the sun and is located in Bolivia, South America. It was also used in ancient times to keep time because the sun always shone in the very center of the door. The door is so old that no one knows how it was built or why it is here.

The second attraction is two huge stones in the middle of the Saudi Arabian desert, which are next to each other with a very small gap between them that at first glance gives the impression of having been cut by man. The history of these two stones is relatively old, and the fact that they are in a desert area means that there is no way of knowing where they came from or why they were built.

The third attraction is located in a tropical jungle in Costa Rica, where there are hundreds of stone spheres of varying sizes, each very large and heavy, but miraculously with the exact same curvature. In ancient times, although there were many talented people who were well read in poetry, only a few understood this curvature, and perhaps not even that, let alone constructing these spheres that had to be machined to exacting standards. It is unlikely that these orbs were built by the ancients, as the materials for them were difficult to find, and even if they were available, they were transported from distant places.

The sites may look ordinary and not very beautiful, but it is a mystery, and to this day the mystery of how they were built and how they were carried here remains unsolved.