Hilarious T-Shirt Fails You Won't Believe Are Real

Hilarious T-Shirt Fails You Won't Believe Are Real

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People will look at what you're wearing and judge you, and clothing is intended to make you look good and appear more impressive. It's somewhat like a sneak peek into your personality but most t-shirts don't make any sense. They can see that the text doesn't apply to them, but at least they try to be funny, so we'll give them an A.

This t-shirt predicts his fate

This chap was caught by surprise when his shirt predicted his future. You can tell from the picture that he's not amused by the situation he's in. It's pretty funny to get arrested while wearing a t-shirt that says 'this really sucks.' However, this chap is so deeply in trouble that he may have forgotten what he was wearing.

Thank you for the reminding

Everyone would give this girl as much personal space as possible if she announced she could fart at any moment. It also could be beneficial for her, as everyone would be extra mindful of her. It might not have been on purpose, but now everyone on the internet knows who she is and what she does.

At least he is honest

I'm confident that this person pees in pools, but at least he has one positive quality we can recognize, he is honest - that's not necessarily a good thing since I don't want to know if someone urinated in the pool or not, I just always assume that no one does.

I'll be back soon

The ideal method for getting every pig in a party to approach you is to print an open invitation on your t-shirt. This girl has discovered the perfect approach to make that happen. I feel bad for her friends, as they will have to constantly keep an eye out for random creeps.

Can you believe it

This guy is the ultimate douche-bag, not only because he printed the phrase 'chick magnet' on a t-shirt, but also because he took a picture of himself holding a girl hostage. The girl next to him looks terrified, maybe she is being held hostage so he can take that picture.

An open invitation

It hurts a lot when she wears it to the club. The blame, however, cannot all be placed on her, as it seems like she and her boyfriend have some sort of mutual understanding that is working for them, or else things could quickly go south after this picture was taken.

The real fans

It's bad enough to go to a Justin Bieber concert, but these guys wanted to make it even more mortifying for everyone, so they'd be able to see just how "manly" they are. What kind of man would actually respect Bieber? It's quite ironic and confusing, if you ask me. I'm sure they were probably screaming louder than all the 12-year-old girls.

No one gets hurt

This guy is respectable enough to inform everyone that he only dates models, so if you're not one, save yourself the embarrassment and stay away. Now only models will talk to him, and no feelings will be hurt.