The 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Yachts

The 10 Most Expensive Celebrity Yachts

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Life can be full of options for those celebrities who have lots of wealth and time. They can wear high-end clothes and live in spectacular houses. And many of them enjoy spending time on travel, such as sailing on their private yachts. Let's find out who own the 10 most expensive celebrity yachts and what they have onboard.

1. Rising Sun, David Geffen ($590 million)

David Geffen, the founder of Geffen Records, is the current owner of the Rising Sun. There are 9 cabins, 82 rooms on this ultra-luxurious yacht, as well as amenities such as a gym, an onboard movie theatre, and a wine cellar. Up to 45 crew members and 18 overnight guests can be accommodated aboard this yacht.

2. Seven Seas, Steven Spielberg ($200 million)

The 282 foot long Seven Seas is owned by the world-famous film director Steven Spielberg. Those who would like to charter this yacht for a 7-day trip will need to pay about 1 million dollars, which sounds a huge figure but actually quite reasonable for the amenities and services.

3. Main, Georgio Armani ($76 million)

The Main is a dark green yacht that took famed fashion designer Georgio Armani and yacht manufacturer Codecasa 30 months to build. The furniture was made by Armani's fashion brand, and he designed the windows personally. This magnificent yacht can accommodate 14 crew and 12 guests, they can enjoy various features and amenities on board.

4. Maraya, Puff Daddy ($65 million)

The Maraya is also one of the most expensive celebrity yachts, featuring the latest nautical innovation along with luxurious Italian design. There is even a private balcony in the master suite that can be lowered when the yacht is at anchor! What’s more, each of the five decks on the Maraya has different entertainment uses.

5. Privacy, Tiger Woods ($20 million)

Although the legendary golf player Tiger Woods was retired, he still earns over $6 million per year. Over these years, this 155-foot long yacht called Privacy is one of his most expensive purchases. It has 5 bedrooms for its occupants, each of which can provide luxury and convenient amenities such as observation deck, huge jacuzzi, fully equipped gym, and even jet skis!

6. Cyan, Bono ($20 million)

The famed musician Bono owns the Cyan. There are 6 luxurious cabins as well as a bar, a swimming pool, an outdoor cinema, a jacuzzi. Moreover, this yacht is also equipped with some outdoor toys such as fishing equipment, snorkeling gear, wave runners, and a kitesurfer.

7. Freedom, Roberto Cavalli ($15 million)

This luxurious yacht with stylish design and glam chic appearance belongs to the renowned Italian designer Roberto Cavalli. The Freedom is decorated with a colorful mix of animal prints, metalwork features, and color-changing panels. The yacht can reach a top speed of 42 knots due to its 3 Rolls Royce water-jet marine engines.

8. Infinity Nine, Tony Parker ($9.2 million)

Former NBA player Tony Parker is the owner of this newly constructed luxury yacht. There are 5 cabins on the Infinity Nine, and the master bedroom is equipped with luxurious furniture and has full-height windows. Additionally, there are many remarkable amenities on this four-decked superyacht, such as an extended swim platform, a top-notch gym.

9. Viva a Vida, Tom Brady ($7 million)

Tom Brady's luxury yacht Viva a Vida, which got the name for his wife’s charity, is one of the most expensive celebrity yachts. Although it's not very huge, the Viva a Vida has enough cabins for 5 guests and a fully equipped kitchen, even an extendable swim platform! It's also equipped with some notable features such as 3 Volvo Penta engines and the push button fenders.

10. Great White, Rafael Nadel ($6.2 million)

The Great White is a compact yacht owned by famed tennis player Rafael Nadal. This superyacht is crammed with luxuriously modern furnishings and technological gadgets. It has about 4,000 square feet of interior living space with one stateroom and three cabins. The guests can enjoy their trip with a full-beamed alfresco dining area, a wide swim platform, and a storing garage for outdoor toys.