2021 medium-length hairstyles

2021 medium-length hairstyles

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2021 spring and summer hairstyles medium-length hair is one of the popular hairstyles, medium-length hair inward bend, medium-length hair layers cut medium-length hair look stylish and fresh, you can also work with medium-length curls and braids to enhance the styling effect, medium-length straight hair can be shaped through the braids arbitrarily very different shape, you can also be shaped through different age reduction methods to reduce the age of hair! Here are 10 recommended 2021 hairstyles, medium and long hair finishing!

1. 2021 medium and long hairstyles: shoulder length hair with air fringe

2. 2021 medium-length hairstyle: age-defying casual medium-length hair with air fringe

3. 2021 medium-length hairstyle: shoulder-length clavicle hair

4. 2021 medium-length hairstyle: clavicle hair with a full bangs

5. 2021 medium and long hair type: shoulder level cut with bangs

6. 2021 temperament medium-length curly hair

7. 2021 medium-length hair with airy bangs natural curls

8. 2021 medium-length hair: short hair under the ear with watery curls

9. 2021 medium-length hairstyle: airy bangs with short hair below the ear

10. 2021 Medium length hair with French curls